Quantifying The Value Of Commvault Data Management Software With IDC – Part 2: Customer Insights

By Miranda Foster

In my previous blog, I highlighted some of the quantifiable benefits that more than 700 of our worldwide customer base reported to Industry Analyst IDC in the report, “Quantifying the Business Value of Commvault Software: Worldwide Customer Survey Analysis.”

In the second part, I’m going to focus on our customer’s direct feedback – their challenges

and how they are using backup and recovery software to drive value back to their organizations.

Let’s take a look at some of the impressive business outcomes Commvault customers were able to achieve.

According to IDC, “Commvault customers have been able to simplify operations, keep costs in check and lower risk by reducing downtime and operational exposure. They have been able to achieve these benefits while also improving recovery capabilities and data coverage. Customers have been able to drive value back to their organizations through productivity gains in IT staff and across the organization. While organizations may look at such savings as an opportunity to improve the corporate bottom line, many Commvault customers are using these freed-up costs and employee hours to become more agile organizations, and to focus on more progressive data transformation.”

IDC also found that Commvault’s simplicity, risk reduction and productivity benefits are particularly valuable to IT organizations as they face an increasingly chaotic technology landscape that includes:

  • Annual data growth of 40 to 50 percent
  • Rapid proliferation of cloud storage, mobile devices, software-as-a-service applications and open source innovations
  • Demand for increased Service Level Agreements (SLA)
  • Pressure to move data and applications to the cloud
  • Increasing focus on digital transformation initiatives, with 60 percent of IT organizations having a digital transformation project by 2020

When they asked asked our customers to provide comments through the survey, they heard specific use cases where customers had similar challenges and how Commvault helped them persevere.

  • “We’ve seen an immediate impact in reducing point solutions (hardware and software). We expect to see our investment pay for itself within 18 months of full deployment.”
  • “I have no doubt that we simply could not have met the backup requirements with our previous enterprise backup solution; it has allowed us to backup our diverse services.”
  • “…it wasn’t a ROI – it was buy something, which worked. We tried a lot of apps and CV was one the only one that actually WORKED.”

Together with those comments, we’ve also heard directly from some of our customers.

“Commvault has simplified the management of our data, reduced our risk of data loss and downtime, and increased our team’s productivity – which is directly in line with the value identified by other Commvault customers in the latest IDC survey,” said Michele Buschman, vice president of information services at America Pacific Mortgage. “With data volumes growing exponentially, cyberattacks on the rise and several high priority digital transformation projects in progress, we need a powerful, comprehensive and scalable data management solution that enables us to protect our data wherever it resides, reduce time spent on administrative tasks, and activate data for strategic IT initiatives – and Commvault delivers.”

We know that you are facing many, if not all, of these challenges. As the industry leader, offering the most complete backup and recovery solution, we are passionate about helping you solve not only for these challenges, but also for a successful future. This is one of the reasons you should attend Commvault GO. I encourage you to review the agenda and explore how you can better know your data, manage it, move it and recover it. We’ve brought together the industry’s most intriguing thought leaders, including many experts from IDC, dozens of our customers, developers and our executive team to help you picture the possibilities of what you can really do with your data. If you haven’t already done so, register for Commvault GO today!