Reaching New Heights with Commvault and Cisco ScaleProtect X

By Rahul Pawar

Cisco technology has always focused on the world of potential. In fact, one of the company’s mantras is, “between hope and possibility there is a bridge.” Cisco, along with its partners, is that bridge. 

Take the ScaleProtect X solution, a scale-out data architecture that combines the flexibility of Cisco’s UCS servers with the enterprise-grade data protection provided by Commvault, as an example. Everything about this joint offering, now available to our customers, excites me, not only for what it provides to customers, but its potential to unlock the power of data. 

Commvault is passionate about solving the huge business integrity gap caused by data sprawl, a rapidly intensifying mission-critical challenge. We are now at the perfect time to leverage the power of data and yet, data remains one of the most vulnerable and fragmented resources. 

With Cisco’s ScaleProtect X offering, customers get it all – the scalability of a cloud environment and the reliability of Cisco’s servers with built-in intelligent data management from Commvault, making the sum of 1 + 1 = 3 for our customers. No longer will customers need to work with a range of vendors to accurately scale their data in a safe and secure way. Plus, that data gives customers what they need – actionable insights that address critical business operations.

As we’ve seen, the value of data will only continue to rise. Now customers can stay ahead and ride the data explosion wave with confidence thanks to the reliability of time-tested enterprise-grade support from Cisco and Commvault.

To learn more, read Cisco’s blog about ScaleProtect X or visit