Securing data across multigenerational IT with Commvault and HPE GreenLake

By Jeff Carlat

Data has become every organization’s lifeblood – an essential ingredient for making informed business decisions that drive innovations. Recent IDC research indicates the amount of data stored will touch 163 zettabytes by 2025. It is no wonder that data storage needs are going to increase multi-fold.

When you manage data that is this huge, the emergence of hybrid cloud technology has driven several businesses away from physical storage, eliminating the need for businesses to manage their infrastructure. Backup made available as-a-service, offers more flexibility and scalability to organizations willing to make the transition. While backing up data to public cloud allows companies to scale rapidly without predicting capacity and offloads, it may also introduce data privacy, protection and security challenges, along with access to backups due to network issues.

The HPE GreenLake edge-to-cloud platform, together with Commvault, removes the burden of this choice – it combines the simplicity, agility, and ergonomics of public cloud with the security and performance benefits of an on-premises backup system. As the 2021 HPE GreenLake Momentum Partner of the Year, together Commvault and HPE provide customers with turnkey, radically simple, infinitely scalable data protection solutions.

The HPE GreenLake platform is the cloud that comes to you, across your edges, co-location facilities, datacenters and clouds, delivering flexibility, scalability and ease of operation wherever your data and apps reside.

  • It’s edge-to-cloud: Data is being created at the edge and is stored in the cloud, at staggering volumes. We ensure your data is safe and backed up at all times – wherever it may reside.
  • It’s as-a-service: The HPE GreenLake platform offers transparent, pay-as-you-go cloud services, combining infrastructure, platforms, automation and management services.
  • It’s better than public cloud: No hidden charges, no egress fees, no vendor lock-in. The HPE GreenLake platform takes care of everyday operations such as patches, updates and routine checks, so you can concentrate on business outcomes.

The edge-to-cloud experience is further enhanced with Commvault’s HyperScale X. HSX provides a seamless solution of on-prem scalable backup solution with HPE that also seamlessly integrates with the Cloud. Unified with HPE Apollo and HPE ProLiant along with support for HPE Nimble dHCI and HPE SimpliVity hyper-converged systems. HyperScale X is an intuitive, easy to deploy, high performance backup and recovery solution for all workloads, with a distributed scale-out file system that provides unmatched scalability, resilience and security. 

Learn how Commvault partners with HPE to deliver solutions and architecture that help customers handle the complexity of managing data that’s spread across multiple environments – environments that are susceptible to growing ransomware and cyber-attacks.

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