Sharing In The Caring

By Martha Delehanty

When we look back on 2020, there is an awful lot we can talk about. Yet, for the glass-half-full woman in me, I plan to focus on how we shined – looking out for each other, supporting medical personnel and lending a hand in our local communities when and where they need it most.

At Commvault, we pride ourselves on pitching in and giving back to our community. For years, we’ve done this through our Commvault Cares program, which we highlighted in our recent Corporate Social Responsibility report. And, we believe donating time and resources has never been more important than it is today, so we are reinvigorating the program and empowering our team members around the world.

In planning this year’s program, we aligned it to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. As the Business Avenger tasked with leading the Responsible Consumption and Production goal, Commvault is globally mobilizing our team to reduce waste, improve access to food and promote sustainable lifestyles in our communities. Together, we will be cleaning beaches, donating gently used clothing, delivering meals, collecting canned goods and supporting other global and local causes.

And, just as we enable our customers to get the most out of their data, we will be collecting our volunteer hours and donation statistics to celebrate our progress internally. After all, it is not just about supporting the community around us – it is about extending our support and care to our own Commvault community. So while we will remain socially distant for the foreseeable future, we can still be personally, emotionally and compassionately close.

Martha Delehanty is Commvault’s Chief People Officer.