Sound advice: Make sure your hybrid cloud – and its data protection – is seamless

By Bill Byron Concevitch

Experts from Microsoft, HPE and Commvault weigh in with “Sound advice for your Cloud journey.” Join the next session on Sept 30.

The August installment of “Sound advice for the Cloud journey” offered practical and actionable tips on how to build the perfect hybrid cloud. If you missed the session, watch the on-demand version.

If what you really need is the speed reading version of the most valuable advice from the last discussion, here’s a quick summary:

  • Experience matters: Cloud can be tricky and avoiding pitfalls can make or break your cloud efforts. Make sure the partners you choose for your cloud journey have experience at building a hybrid cloud that stretches across on-premises, virtual and public cloud – and make sure they can protect your data, regardless of where you may need to move it.
  • Scalability = usability: There’s nothing worse than a model that fails miserably when it’s time to scale. The expert panel cited the real-world experience of Commvault protecting more than 280 million Xbox user accounts as proof that the Microsoft + Commvault solution scales to handle even the most challenging/complex workloads.
  • Cloud characteristics, on-premises: Cloud initially spoiled us with simplistic “pay-as-you-go” models and easy scale up/scale down as needed. Make sure the on-premises component of your hybrid cloud delivers on this (HPE SimpliVity and Commvault HyperScale X were cited as high performers).
  • Power up/down, as needed: Don’t “keep the engine idling” when you aren’t using those cloud resources; make sure your cloud powers up when needed and powers off when not needed.
  • Leverage AI, everywhere: A year ago, AI was the cool new enhancement to a hybrid cloud – now it’s table stakes. Taking AI to the next level, where it’s an integral part of every component of your hybrid cloud, should be demanded as essential. A great example is the powerful combination of HPE SimpliVity with Azure, protected by Commvault. All intensely leverage AI to improve performance, automation and business outcomes, while slashing costs.

That’s the speed reading recap of the last installment of “Sound advice for the Cloud journey.” Register for the next session on Sept. 30: “Protecting your data in a distributed, hybrid cloud world.” Experts will take a closer look at how the pandemic has changed the workloads you need to protect and the threats you need to guard against, along with how to make sure your hybrid cloud has consistent (and highly efficient) data protection and threat detection, wherever your data lives.

Bill Byron Concevitch is part of Strategic Alliances, Commvault.