Space journey, data journey… what’s the connection?

By Bill Byron Concevitch

With either journey, risk needs to be mitigated, minimized, and managed.

At first glance, space exploration and your data may seem worlds apart. In reality, the parallels can be striking—and meaningful. With any journey comes risk, and whether it’s space exploration or data, successfully eliminating risk, where possible, can mean the difference between success and failure. If your data is on its journey headed to the cloud or already in the cloud, not only will you want to read on, but you’ll also want to join us for a very special event where you will gain valuable insight into risk and the ways to mitigate it.

Join WWT, Microsoft, and Commvault to learn more from a senior SpaceX advisor

If your curiosity has been piqued, join us to learn more about space journey and the connection to your data’s journey (there’s a cloud connection for sure, but there’s more). WWT will be hosting a very special virtual event on April 29th with former NASA astronaut and top SpaceX Advisor, Dr. Garrett Reisman. Dr. Reisman will share his thoughts on leadership, grit, determination, and risk, and how you can apply his lessons learned to ensure the success of your data journey.

As Brent Combest, General Manager, One Commercial Partner at Microsoft, who will help kick off this special event, shared, “As our customers make their journey to the cloud, it’s important that we mitigate any risk, while at the same time accelerate their digital transformation. Our 20+ year partnership with Commvault is all about data, innovating with data, and leveraging Microsoft technology and Commvault’s SaaS Metallic offering to simplify and easily scale data management in Azure. I am excited to learn from Dr. Reisman and draw the parallels between the data journey and the journey into space.”

SpaceX and your data journey—what can we learn?

Risk is inherit in space exploration, and how this risk is mitigated and minimized becomes a critical element of any space journey. Just as a journey in space travels into unknown territory, your data is also traveling into often unknown territory—whether it’s multiple clouds or containers (or both!). Even the new reality of remote workers creates new risk factors in uncharted territory that need to be mitigated and minimized through a proactive approach to data management.

Minimizing data risk with a no boundaries architecture

Just as SpaceX is transforming the reality of the journey into space, Commvault and Microsoft are partnering to redefine your data journey. Commvault’s no boundaries architecture enables your data to journey into the cloud and back, by mitigating and controlling risk through a single Commvault Command Center. Knowing that Commvault can manage your data and protect it from the risks of malicious attacks (ransomware and more)—while providing complete visibility into your data, ensures that no matter where your data travels, it is secure, protected, and portable.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from one of the leading astronauts who is making commercial space flight possible at SpaceX. Reserve your spot here.

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