Spotlight On AWS At Commvault GO

By Dave Orban

With Commvault GO, our annual customer conference scheduled for Oct 14-16 in Denver, rapidly approaching, I wanted to highlight another of our main sponsors, Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Commvault and AWS have had a mutually beneficial relationship for more than seven years, and it’s no wonder. AWS is a pioneer and innovator of all things cloud. And Commvault’s expertise in protecting data and workloads, both on-premises and in the cloud, makes it a perfect complement to the evolving AWS ecosystem.

This year, we’re delighted to have Henry Axelrod, a Solutions Architect and Storage Specialist at AWS, leading a session on how to “Protect Your Data With AWS Cloud Storage and Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery.”

In the session he’ll discuss the benefits of using Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), a limitlessly-scalable offering that allows for multiple tiers to match the needs of every kind of workload. He’ll also discuss the different storage classes available within the service – where and when to use them – along with Commvault’s extensive support for both S3 and other AWS offerings, including Amazon Glacier Deep Archive.

Commvault’s deep experience in developing solutions that run on AWS helps streamline the migration of workloads to it – along with dramatically simplifying data protection and disaster recovery on AWS.

Henry will provide a high-level overview of the AWS benefits for backup and restore, along with how easy it is to set up Commvault software on AWS. He’ll also touch on use of the AWS Snow family for situations in which you’ve got a lot of data to move, but not a lot of bandwidth.

Finally, he’ll go over the pros and cons of using AWS cloud storage to eliminate cumbersome and labor-intensive tape backups. For this segment, Henry will review how a mutual customer, University of Canberra, was able to save $135,000 through the elimination of tape backups using Commvault and AWS.

AWS capitalized on its own considerable experience with the cloud, making it accessible, efficient and cost-effective for the modern enterprise. And for more than two decades, Commvault’s industry-leading data management platform has enabled organizations of all size to move, manage and use their data across files, applications, databases, hypervisors and the cloud.

From a single, unified platform, it’s easy to access extensive capabilities for data protection, backup, recovery, management and eDiscovery – all designed to run on, and complement, the AWS cloud ecosystem.

Thanks to AWS and to Henry for their support. And remember, this is just one example of the kinds of sessions we’ve complied this year at GO. There’ll be plenty of partners, customers and Commvault data readiness experts on hand. They’ll be available to discuss the latest in data management and protection technologies, best practices and have answers to all your questions.

Because we know the future belongs to the data ready, and with Commvault and AWS you know you’ll be ready!