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as a Service

By Ned Bellavance Ned Bellavance is the director of cloud solutions for Anexinet and offers his views about data protection in multi-cloud environments. Check out the “Managing Multi-Cloud Data Protection” webinar he and Commvault’s Matt Tyrer hosted recently. Introduction For most companies, the data in their organization is their most valuable asset. This makes data […]

By Don Foster Technology skill sets and time gaps will stall digital transformation: Organizations that continue to leverage traditional methods to meet new modern and transformative needs of the changing digital business will run into major obstacles in 2019. Comprehensive IT skill sets that traverse the traditional IT and the new Hybrid IT will become more […]

By Andrew J. Drag With the shift to Microsoft 365, service providers will need to move from hosted Exchange solutions to reselling Microsoft 365 services.  Exchange Online is quickly replacing not only the hosted Exchange solutions, but also many enterprises’ Exchange on-premises deployments.  As of October 2017, Microsoft had more than 120 million mailboxes in Microsoft 365, […]

By Phil Wandrei I recently had an “A-Ha!” moment during a customer meeting. The customer, a national fitness company, changed my view of Commvault’s depth and breadth of integration. I had always thought our industry-leading integration capabilities provided support for diverse environments. However, the customer viewed it as investment protection for their standardized environment. Let me explain.  One area […]

By Matt Tyrer It’s World Backup Day this Saturday!  (cue applause and evil laughter) It is the day where we recognize and celebrate the awesomeness that is backup. Backup + Awesome in the same sentence?  You bet your bitcoin they are. If you’ve ever dropped your laptop, lost a phone, deleted a file (or heck, “saved it […]

By Commvault Driven by new thinking, new technology capabilities and the drive toward digital business, the usage of data is changing radically. Here are seven data-driven differences between the digital and pre-digital world: Training machines with data is starting to become a mainstream way to solve complex business problems. Gartner describes the promise of AI-driven analytics […]

By Ryan Sinnwell Since joining The Weitz Company’s IT department straight out of college 17 years ago, I have seen many changes in how the world (and our construction company) views and uses technology. One of the most significant changes has been the growing recognition that, with increasing application, infrastructure, and data complexity, organizations need […]

By Commvault This is the final blog in a six-part series. Catch up on all the previous blogs. Late last year a chief information officer laid out the very simple mission for today’s CIO. “My job is to take the company from A to B faster,” he said, placing heavy emphasis on the last word. At face […]