Endpoint Protection

Endpoint Protection

By Gregg Ogden (aka, Don’t be a chump, listen to Crump) Like many of you, I often peruse news sources for interesting tidbits about applying technology or new strategies to solve data management issues. My professional focus is on endpoints, those lovely devices sitting on the edge of your network (that are likely housing data that’s […]

By Greg Bennett If you’ve ever seen any of the ESPN “30 for 30”  documentaries (which I highly recommend), you know they all start the same way: “What if I told you…” followed by a story of struggle, heartbreak, perseverance and/or redemption that ultimately changes your perspective. Or even offers new insights into an event […]

By Commvault We’ve been having many conversations lately with colleagues across the industry and there is a common theme we keep hearing when decisions are being made around choosing solutions to problems. They say, “We chose this solution because it’s ‘good enough.’” When did “good enough” become the key criteria to making decisions in business? […]

By Ryan Sinnwell Since joining The Weitz Company’s IT department straight out of college 17 years ago, I have seen many changes in how the world (and our construction company) views and uses technology. One of the most significant changes has been the growing recognition that, with increasing application, infrastructure, and data complexity, organizations need […]

By Commvault This is the final blog in a six-part series. Catch up on all the previous blogs. Late last year a chief information officer laid out the very simple mission for today’s CIO. “My job is to take the company from A to B faster,” he said, placing heavy emphasis on the last word. At face […]