By James Canham-Ash A lot has happened in the last 12 months. An international trade war between the U.S. and China kicked off; the United Kingdom (surprisingly) didn’t leave the European Union; 5G networks went “live” in a number of countries across the globe; David Attenborough made his big-screen debut on Netflix; a new leader […]

By Miranda Foster There’s no doubt that May 2018 will be remembered in business and technology circles as an important milestone for data protection legislation, usage and public impact.  The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in Europe on May 25 introduced a law with an international reach, focused on supporting the rights of […]

By Erika Lee If 2018 was the “The Year of Privacy,” then 2019 is poised to be the year of “privacy self-defense.” Protecting privacy is the responsibility of the consumer, as well as the responsibility of the companies those consumers trust with their data. In 2018, consumers realized trust isn’t enough. The General Data Protection […]

By Chris Powell So last week we turned the calendar to January.  A New Year, a new start – filled with resolutions and promises to improve ourselves – filled with visions of healthy meal preps and hours logged at the gym! If you’re responsible for your company’s data, perhaps you should also start thinking about […]

By Nigel Tozer 1. Data Breaches Following hot on the heels of 2017, it was a case of “another day, another data breach” in 2018. Before the first week of January was over, 1.1 billion Indian citizens had their details compromised via the Aadhaar system, and on from there, Equifax, Facebook, Under Armour, Strava, Uber, […]

By Chris Powell Dec. 11 (today!) is National App Day. The App – short for Software Application – has infiltrated our daily lives in ways no one would have expected when Apple introduced OS 2.0 in 2008. Ten years ago, there were approximately 500 apps and allowed third-party app generation. Today? More than two million […]

By Miranda Foster In just a couple of weeks, we will be at Commvault GO! It’s amazing how time flies, but we’re incredibly excited about finalizing the event details and, ultimately, welcoming our customers, partners and influencers to an incredible event in the wonderful city of Nashville, Tenn. One of the hallmarks of Commvault GO has […]

By Mark Penny The student of today is far more demanding from an IT perspective than even just three or four years ago. The University of Leicester’s digital campus initiative is aimed at meeting these demands by allowing students access to the University’s IT infrastructure across the campus, regardless of device or location – it’s […]