IT Infrastructure

IT Infrastructure

By Mark Penny The student of today is far more demanding from an IT perspective than even just three or four years ago. The University of Leicester’s digital campus initiative is aimed at meeting these demands by allowing students access to the University’s IT infrastructure across the campus, regardless of device or location – it’s […]

By Commvault We’ve been having many conversations lately with colleagues across the industry and there is a common theme we keep hearing when decisions are being made around choosing solutions to problems. They say, “We chose this solution because it’s ‘good enough.’” When did “good enough” become the key criteria to making decisions in business? […]

By Commvault This is the final blog in a six-part series. Catch up on all the previous blogs. Late last year a chief information officer laid out the very simple mission for today’s CIO. “My job is to take the company from A to B faster,” he said, placing heavy emphasis on the last word. At face […]

By Damon Robertson COOLSPIRiT is proud of our long and established ‘strategic’ partnership with Commvault, which I have personally been involved with since 2008. Partnerships are built on many elements. Of course, commercial and technical leadership are fundamental, but for what creates a truly strategic partnership is a complementary point of view on all things […]

By Commvault Following a brief lull representing the collective breath-holding of American healthcare executives as the U.S. Congress struggled to repeal the Affordable Care Act, there has been an uptick in mergers and acquisitions activity in recent weeks. A bevy of recent announcements suggests the consolidation of health systems and hospitals continues to be a shelter from […]

By Penny Gralewski Cloud backup and recovery is a part of every strategic CIO conversation, industry analyst discussion and a common topic among IT infrastructure leaders. The cloud discussion is important for both customers who already use Commvault in their traditional data center environments and the many enterprises that are looking for a more robust, […]