Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

There has been a significant increase in the number of ransomware attacks and payments by organizations in 2019. Businesses of all types have been adversely affected by ransomware crippling productivity and consumer confidence. Technology leaders have now begun to plan for ransomware attacks, understanding that a paradigm shift from “If we get hit by ransomware” to “When we get hit by ransomware” is required.

This is the fifth blog in a five-part series on risk mitigation and how Commvault can help. Access the fourth blog. Warren Buffet once said, “Risk comes from not knowing what you are doing.”  Flipping that statement around a little, but following the same logic: “Risk is reduced by knowing what you are doing.” That comment […]

By Kalyani Kallakuri Mitigating the risk of loss in your data protection strategy involves comprehensive planning and the application of multiple techniques. One method, in particular, has come up recently in a few discussions with Commvault clients and prospects – air gapping. Although it’s certainly not a new topic or technique, it seems that it’s […]

By Kalyani Kallakuri Have you ever thought about trying to implement a foolproof backup and recovery risk mitigation strategy to protect your corporate data and maintain business continuity? Is that even possible? In a nutshell, foolproof means that it’s so easy it’s basically impossible to screw up. With that standard in mind, I’m not sure […]

By Kalyani Kallakuri The well-known adage you are only as good as your last… “backup” is a good start on a data protection strategy but still falls far short of a comprehensive plan. A survey of more than 300 IT professionals conducted by Barkly’s found that nearly all respondents were actively backing up their data. Eighty-one percent were confident […]