The Future of data management will be on full display at Microsoft Ignite

By Bill Byron Concevitch

There is no doubt that the unexpected events of 2020 forced organizations around the globe to look at their data differently. Workforces transformed to remote overnight, costs needed to be reigned in and new threats to data—coming from everywhere—needed to be met with heightened security.  IT teams also had to deal with managing and protecting data from wherever they were—which was not in the data center and not in physical offices.

Hyper-speed digital transformation is here to stay

There is one fact that we can be certain of: Digital transformation is happening at hyper-speed, and those organization that harness it to their advantage will be the winners on the other side of COVID-19. There is no sign of this hyper-speed slowing down, and as a top-level executive shared with me recently, “I’m trying to figure out how to transform faster than my competitors—that will be the real win for us.”

Transforming your data management is key to winning the digital transformation race

As the world moves to an as-a-service model for more and more IT consumption, it is critical that your data management and data protection keeps pace. In the days of a data center within four walls, it was logical to keep data protection aligned to where the data resided, even if that meant lifting and shifting your data protection to a cloud—whether private or public—creating the ability to restore your data when a disruption took hold of your data center or your connectivity. Today, it’s no longer that simple of an equation. 

Data, data, everywhere

Data literally resides everywhere today, with more and more data that is essential to your operations delivered in a software as a service (SaaS) model.  SaaS is everywhere, from core essential applications and databases—CRM, ERP, EHR and more—to innovative, born in the cloud, game-changing applications.  Many times, decisions to use these applications are made within the business, with IT only entering the picture when someone questions how the data is being protected and if it is at risk. Or when (as recently happened) a major provider of a critical SaaS application decides that they will no longer provide optional backup, since it’s not their core business or a money-making proposition (see here).

SaaS for SaaS—plus SaaS for all data

Commvault, in partnership with Microsoft, enables you to transform your data management and data protection. You’ll be ready for the unexpected, and ready to protect your data no matter where it lives, with transformative options including Metallic, Commvault’s cloud native service. It’s built on our industry-leading, award winning data management technology and offered in a SaaS delivery model. You decide what delivery option meets your requirements, with the flexibility to change as your requirements, and your data, change.

Continuing our rich heritage of market leadership, Metallic is designed not only to protect data residing in the cloud or SaaS applications—it also provides enterprise-grade, scalable protection for hybrid environments, with unmatched performance for on-prem workloads. This makes seamless integration and a single view of your data possible.

Why wait?

You can transform your data protection today with Metallic and Commvault and be ready for whatever unexpected (and expected) comes your way.  You’ll have the options you need, from on-prem, to cloud—all the way to SaaS, and back again. No one else can deliver on this, and if they try to tell you they can, challenge them to prove it.

Join us at Ignite March 2nd to 4th for proof

If you want to get into the details a bit more to see how Commvault with Metallic can accelerate the transformation of your data management, join David Ngo, CTO of Metallic, for his Ignite session, “Future-proof your data protection: Backup as a Service for your Microsoft ecosystem.”  He will share an in-depth look at the value of Metallic, how it can transform your data management and prepare you for the future. You can register and view the session here.

Be sure to visit Commvault’s virtual booth at Ignite

We’ll be hosting customer case studies, in-depth demos of Metallic, and more. You can also walk away with some cool Commvault swag, even though it’s a virtual event (we didn’t forget the important stuff about these events!). You can also learn more at and