The Great Equalizer

By Orly Lynn

Empowering everyone – regardless of gender or race – with the same access to education and opportunities is a great equalizer. It ripples beyond an individual and benefits families, communities, and ultimately, all of humanity. It begins with each of us – not just today, on International Women’s Day, but every day.

At Commvault, we pride ourselves on promoting gender equality. Not only within our business, but as an organization committed to the United Nations’ Global Goals Initiative to eliminate poverty, fight inequality and end climate change. It is in our DNA.

Gender equality broadens our perspective, pushes our boundaries, and inspires everyone around the globe. I recently caught up with Commvault CEO Sanjay Mirchandani, who discussed how empowering half the world’s population to share in equal opportunity practices advances innovation, increases growth, and fosters a sustainable work environment for all.

Ultimately, we believe that #EachForEqual is the way to live. At Commvault, we welcome and encourage everyone to be their unique selves, with an open mind and a sound heart. Together, as a global community of individuals, we can do more when we are all afforded the same opportunities to rich and empowering experiences.