The huge payback to keeping your data protection close to your data

‘Thought Leadership for the Cloud Journey’ series continues on Oct. 28 with insight into Azure Edge Zones, Azure for Operators and the impact of 5G on your data

By Bill Byron Concevitch

The September edition of “Sound Advice for the Cloud Journey” offered practical and actionable tips on protecting your data in a distributed hybrid cloud world. Experts from Microsoft, HPE and Commvault weighed in with advice and guidance designed to accelerate your digital transformation.

However, if what you really need is the speed-reading version of the most valuable advice from the discussion, here’s a quick summary:

  • Experience matters: Hybrid cloud and pure cloud data brings a unique set of challenges – and opportunities. Make sure the partners you choose for your cloud journey have experience at executing on, and protecting, hybrid cloud stretching across on-premises, virtual private cloud and public cloud.
  • Cost cutting is imperative: The road to accelerated cost reduction begins with simplifying your data management and protection down to a single solution for all of your data, regardless of where the data resides. The experts on this panel agree with many analysts: Commvault leads the industry in this category with a solution that includes global deduplication to reduce costs and network bandwidth.
  • Data portability is paramount to success: Data protection is only half the equation – data portability is the other half. Make sure you can instantly migrate your data to where you need it, when you need it, and without expensive (and the added risk of) cloud connectors. As one expert commented, “Every time you introduce another connector or tool, it opens up another vulnerability point.” Data portability is another area where the expert panel agrees, Commvault leads.
  • Do something with that data: Clouds such as Microsoft Azure have powerful AI and PowerBI tools for data moved to the cloud. Commvault can assist in identifying the correct data for “AI” endeavors.
  • Test your recovery readiness: Backing up your data is useless, unless you are assured of rapid recovery. Max Lotte from the HPE Customer Innovation Center demonstrated several unique benefits of Commvault’s LiveSync and VSA technology for agentless recovery of Azure Stack VMs.

There you have it, the speed-reading recap of the Sept. 30 edition of “Sound Advice for the Cloud Journey.”

Interested in attending our next session? Register for our Oct. 28 webinar on the topic of “Managing and Protecting Data in the 5G Reality: Where Edge, IoT, Cloud Converge.” This session will feature an inside look at Azure for Operators with Fran Dougherty, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft for Azure for Operators, and Randy De Meno, VP/Chief Technologist at Commvault for Microsoft Products & Partnership. You’ll learn how Azure Edge Zones and 5G can erase the need for Wi-Fi and significantly reduce cost and risk. It’s a session you don’t want to miss!