Israel: The Land Of Milk Honey And Remarkable Tech Innovation

By Shai Nuni

The self-styled “Start-up Nation,” Israel continues to produce an impressive number of highly successful tech companies for a country of only 8 million people – with entrepreneurial hubs all over the country – but particularly in cities like Tel Aviv and Haifa.

As reported by Reuters News Agency following a 2016 IVC survey, high-tech private Israeli companies raised an all-time high of $4.8 billion of investment; an 11 percent increase on the $4.3 billion raised the previous year. While multinational giants such as Google, IBM, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft all have research centers in Israel, many of the local, home-grown companies are arguably more interesting – many of them specializing in cutting-edge technologies like drones (Airobotoics and Flytrex); cyber security (Nexar and Argus); and autonomous driving (Arbe Robotics and Mobileye).

Much like the wider economy, the tech and entrepreneurial scene is well established in Israel, so it should perhaps come as little surprise that Commvault is continuing to grow its presence in the country. The team characterizes the true spirit of collaboration with our partners and our customers. The feedback from our customers in Israel about all elements of commercial and customer support is always extremely positive.

Israel is forward thinking and advanced in terms of market maturity. We have some of the best technical talents in EMEA (indeed globally), based in Israel, and the team is constantly on the lookout to innovate and add value to our partners and customers. In fact, many of the learnings that we gather from the Israeli market go on to be rolled out across the wider EMEA region as company-wide best practices.

Connections Live takes place Thursday, Dec. 7; it will build upon the success and topics recently presented at Commvault GO in Washington, D.C. There are a multitude of topics and speakers at this show, including: Commvault CEO Bob Hammer, who will talk about building a foundation for remarkable; Ami Ben Amram, Cisco Data Center Solution Specialist, who will discuss ScaleProtect and the Cisco-Commvault relationship; Avi Klepper, System Engineer, NetApp, who will talk about the changing world of data; and Lior Kamrat, Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft, who will dicuss Azure and Commvault.

Israel is an exciting, innovative, high-growth, business-focused nation. And Hammer’s visit this week not only highlights the importance Commvault places on the Israeli market as a key part of the company’s future vision, but is also tremendous validation and recognition of the first-rate work the team continues to deliver.

Israel, and our team, looks forward to welcoming you, Bob!