The Power Of Community: Women In Technology At Commvault GO

By Commvault

Three years ago, we held our first Women in Technology reception at Commvault GO. It was an important first, and underscored our company’s commitment to developing women in technology and leadership.

Since then, the program has really hit its stride. We’ve seen both the continued development of Commvault Women in Technology (CV WiT) as well as the mark we have made on our communities at large. Our Women in Technology reception at Commvault GO earlier this month was a perfect opportunity to reflect on our own journey. Additionally it celebrated how women’s organizations – and individuals – can support and inspire one another to achieve, to lead and to innovate.

There were many highlights throughout the evening. Co-sponsor and partner Marilyn Platt of Arrow Electronics shared how our very first WiT event inspired her to create a similar group, launching at Arrow in the coming months. We welcomed two of our newest Commvault board members, YY Lee and Martha Bejar, incredible role models and the first women to be appointed to the company’s board.

We were also thrilled to present the Women in Technology of Tennessee chapter with a $2,500 scholarship earmarked for supporting local STEM educational initiatives for women and girls. Capping off the evening was a presentation by Allisa Henley, from Sazarac of Tennessee, who shared her own unusual journey, rising to become a self-taught distiller in a traditionally male discipline; Allisa also shared some great career advice for women in any industry.

One thing was clear from the conversations that evening: doors increasingly open when women step up for opportunities in technology. This is a good thing — not just for individuals, but for companies, as our own Krischel Crawley, Commvault VP and WiT chair, shared how gender diversity drives greater innovation and a stronger bottom line. We were inspired by women pioneers who are stepping up, whether joining boards of directors, distilling a new Tennessee bourbon, or founding networks for women.

Recognition for WiT leadership

It is testament to Krischel and the rest of the Vaulters around the globe that this group continues to build momentum and impact within our communities. The latest example of this is Krischel’s own recent nomination for Society of Information Management (SIM) Women for the 2018 Micki Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award Winner. The award recognizes a woman in technology who is passionate, driven, committed to supporting other women in the pursuit of excellence. This is the second recognition since the inception of CV WiT, with Krischel also having accepted the American Heart Association Impact Award in 2017.

At Commvault, our people promise is “the freedom to make an impact, together.” This promise comes to life strongly through CV WiT, the GO Women in Technology Reception, as well as Krischel’s recent recognition.

It goes to show, change has to start somewhere, and any one individual or group of women can make a difference.