The Power Of Partnership

By Barry Hubbard

TiVo selected Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery for superior protection, backup and recovery of their data, quickly realizing their ROI, and gaining a new level of data management confidence.

At this year’s Commvault GO, there will be a lot of discussion about the latest innovations in data protection and management technologies. There will be presentations, panels and breakouts on how enterprises (like mine) can use these technologies to better automate protection of their SaaS data, simplify the migration of data from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud (and back), and glean valuable business insights from secondary data using Artificial Intelligence. I am looking forward participating in these discussions, offering my own advice on and also learning more about how today’s latest and greatest technologies enable enterprises to use data to picture new possibilities and create remarkable results.

However, one thing I am also looking forward to discussing at Commvault GO is partnership. Specifically, how true tech industry leaders don’t just deliver you the technology you need to realize your business objectives. They work with you to understand these business objectives, and invest time and resources in helping you determine how to best use both their own technology and other technologies to realize these objectives.

For example, you might know of TiVo as a DVR company. However, the fastest growing segment our business is digital services – services that companies like Microsoft, DirecTV, Samsung and Virgin Media are using to provide their customers with better entertainment experiences. These services depend on our being able to collect vast amounts of data, analyze this data and then deliver new data from this analysis to our customers so they can offer better viewing recommendations and other entertainment insights to their audiences. Increasingly, data is not just critical to our business. It is our business.

Many other technology companies I have worked with often do not seem to appreciate this. On the rare occasions I do see them, they are focused on selling me a new technology, not on better understanding how they can help me address my data challenges and opportunities.

However, Commvault does understand how important data is to our business. That is why even before we became a customer, they and their services partner Eagle Technologies worked with us so we could understand why many of our backups were failing. Later, when we launched some new applications, they assisted us in discovering a networking issue that was slowing backups of the data from these applications. They are also collaborating with us on our strategic initiatives, helping us determine how we can better activate our data so we can provide our customers with information they can use to build even more meaningful relationships with their audiences.

That is why, in addition to being eager to speak to my peers and industry experts about technology best practices, I am also extremely interested in discussing partnership best practices. For example, how my experience with Commvault can show other enterprise IT leaders how to they can collaborate more closely with their technology solution providers. How this experiences shows solution providers how they can establish the level of trust that Commvault has been able to establish with my company. In addition, I am interested if there are ways that TiVo and Commvault can further strengthen our already tight partnership.

There are a lot of exciting AI, cloud, data management and other technologies out there, and new ones being introduced every day. But as my experience with Commvault demonstrates, if you really want to make the most of these technologies, you need to find partners that are as committed your success as you are. That is the power of partnership – it does not just allow you to reach your goals, but it enables you to picture new possibilities, and achieve things you never even imagined.