The Top 3 Most Asked Questions At Cisco Live 2017

By Matt Tyrer

1. How do I implement virtualization protections? What virtualization platform does Commvault support?

Virtualization is actually the easiest thing to implement. Because of the Commvault data platform’s deep integration with more hypervisors than you can shake a stick at, we can be deployed and protecting your virtual infrastructure within minutes. A single intelligent service installed through the Commvault software will automatically discover the virtual environment(s) and map those virtual machines into pre-established data policies and SLA plans. This includes multi-hypervisor environments, as well as VMs living in the cloud. It’s that easy. It doesn’t matter if you’re running 10 VMs or 10,000 – we can scale appropriately to meet your needs. 

What do we cover? 

  • VMware
  • Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Nutanix Acropolis
  • Amazon
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Citrix Xen
  • OpenStack
  • Oracle VM
  • Red Hat Virtualization

On top of this data protection, we also provide portability and migration services between hypervisors.  Just think about having the ability to move your workloads seamlessly from VMware to AMI, to Hyper-V, to whatever flavor you need.  That’s agility!  That’s transformative!  That’s Commvault.

Can Commvault help with data migration to the cloud or on premises? And for follow-up, how do I protect my data in the cloud or hybrid?

Commvault is focused on the data, regardless if it is physical, virtual, on-premises, in a remote office, at the edge, or in the cloud. This opens up so many doors for movement of that data. We can easily migrate data to and from the cloud and across hypervisors to provide you the greatest flexibility for where you choose to put your data. As more companies move into a multi-cloud strategy, this will be key to ensuring your agility. In addition, Commvault software can manage the data in the cloud with the same policies and best practices you spent years developing for the data center. The cloud truly becomes an extension of the data center and something that you can intelligently, securely and consistently manage. To Commvault, it doesn’t matter where the data is, we enable and accelerate your cloud initiatives through our data-centric approach. Go to the cloud with confidence, security and the knowledge that Commvault can protect you wherever you go.

Why is Commvault software so expensive and complex?

This will be a long answer because I love this question. Commvault software is not expensive or complex. It is a misperception we (admittedly) earned many years ago, but is no longer the case. We introduced our Solution Set pricing model as an alternative to capacity almost 3-plus years ago and have expanded that program since to include a wider variety of use cases (virtual, email archive, endpoint, etc).  We’ve also added in subscription pricing and other OPEX models to give our customers even more flexibility in how they consume the Commvault platform. These options provide incredibly competitive options for customers, old and new, to leverage the leading data management solution in the market.  

A lot of the perception of expense was comparing apples to oranges. Since the Commvault solution is a software-defined approach to data management, many of the peripheral costs of the overall solution were not included. Add up the server, proprietary appliance, software and service costs and you’ll find that Commvault is one of the most cost sensitive solutions on the market.  We achieve in a single infrastructure, what you would otherwise need three or four silos to conquer from a competitor. I’ll be so bold as to state that I can’t think of a single time we lost an opportunity based on features and function – and since we brought our new pricing and packing to the market, that’s no longer an inhibitor. No excuse, go with the best technology with the best TCO: Commvault.

If you’re still not sure, we have free editions to let you trial the Commvault data platform in your environment to be certain it’s the right choice for you and your client base.

Turning away from cost to complexity, our streamlined approach to not only the initial deployment (click, next, next, done), but also scaling in both feature/function and size to allow you to expand as you need without hassle. Commvault software’s new user experience is what you would expect from a leader in the market: Simple, streamlined, secure. These updated dashboards bring you the information you need, when you need it. They also make the day-to-day management of your data a task so easy that you look forward to it.

Automate like never before, and enable self-service to your varied consumer base without having to give up security or capability. Tailor the experience to enable the fastest response to your business and IT needs.

Learn more about how Commvault helps businesses achieve their Cisco data management and protection goals.