The Top 5 Questions About Metallic SaaS (So Far)

Everything you missed from the Metallic™ launch at Commvault GO 2019.

By Rob Kaloustian

Since we launched Metallic, Commvault’s newest venture that brings with it a portfolio of new SaaS solutions for data protection, we’ve received an overwhelmingly positive response from enthusiastic partners, analysts and customers alike.

Metallic is bringing Commvault-backed technology to a whole new set of customers, with the sweet spot in companies in the 500-2,500 employee range. At Commvault GO, we had the opportunity to talk to our existing customers, who asked smart questions about where, when and how to use Metallic’s SaaS offerings, in addition to their existing Commvault solutions.  So I wanted to thank everyone for their interest and share some answers to the most common questions we’ve received over the past several days.

Is Metallic SaaS a match for a business of my size?

Metallic is purpose-built to be a streamlined, end-to-end SaaS experience aimed at solving the most common data protection use cases and is particularly suited to organizations with between 500 and 2,500 employees. Since Metallic is built on core Commvault technology, it can scale to support large-enterprise workloads as well.

What’s the difference between Metallic and Commvault Complete? Isn’t it the same, only in a SaaS model?

Commvault is committed to providing customers choice. That means offering our industry-leading technology in many form factors to meet customer needs. Commvault Complete offers the most holistic and comprehensive solution on the market and has been named a leader by Gartner and Forrester once again this year.  

Enterprise customers with broad, custom environments may be looking for more granular capabilities that Commvault Complete provides. You do not need to switch to Metallic to fulfill your data protection needs if you are already a Commvault Complete customer. However, if you have a specific requirement for a SaaS-based solution, for example, to meet your endpoint or Office 365 data protection needs, Metallic could be the right fit for you.

Why should I use Metallic’s cloud-based SaaS offering if I’ve already invested in on-premises backup infrastructure?

One of the best innovations from the Metallic team is the introduction of our SaaS Plus architecture. Customers don’t have to throw their storage away or necessarily start all over again with new capacity. You can bring your own storage and leverage capacity you already own on-premises or in the cloud. Having existing, on-premises storage also lets Metallic speed up recoveries.

With SaaS Plus, we give customers the option to have on-premises disk as a first-class citizen, where the data first goes to on-premises and that data is then sent to the cloud. This gives you an on-premises copy for fast recoveries and you can also send the data to your own cloud accounts for compliance and security reasons. We built SaaS Plus into Metallic because we listened to customers and they told us they wanted flexibility and choice.

Is Metallic available outside the U.S.?

Not yet, but it’s coming soon. We have a strong set of launch partners in the U.S. We’re taking this to market with Arrow and Ingram Micro as our distributors and CDW, Sirius and Insight as our resellers. We’ve already had broad interest from partners who are looking to transact on Metallic and help us take this to a broader market over time. We will continue to expand the roll out into additional geographies.

What’s the difference between Metallic and a managed services offering?

Metallic is a pure SaaS solution, providing software and infrastructure to run the software.  Managed services providers add in “white-glove” services on top of software and infrastructure, like administration services or professional services.

We’ve deliberately rolled out the core Metallic SaaS offerings before adding the customizations necessary to make it ready for resale by our MSP partners. The benefit to partners is a solution that has been tried and tested in the marketplace prior to MSPs bringing it onboard. At launch, we did not offer APIs or SDK to integrate Metallic into MSP solutions. Managed service providers who want to resell Metallic can purchase through our launch distribution partners, Arrow or Ingram Micro.

To learn more about what our partners are saying, check out Michael Stempf of Sirius Computer Solutions and myself on theCube (below) during our GO conference earlier this month.

Keep the questions coming!

One of the core tenets of Metallic is the importance of listening to our partners and customers. Listening and acting on the feedback they give us. Our work isn’t over. We’ll continue to build and optimize the experience for our partners and customers with an eye on rolling this out geographically. This is a continuous learning process, and it’s invigorating to me and the Metallic team. There’s definitely a fresh, new energy at Commvault and I’m amazed at what our team has accomplished this year. The best part is we’re just getting started!

Please keep the questions coming by contacting one of our experts, find out how your company can become a Metallic partner and, most important, try it for yourself through our 45-day free trial.