The Town of Kent Knows A Good Partner When It Sees One (And So Do We)

By Carmen Sorice III

Like many local municipalities these days, the Town of Kent, New York required modernization of both communications and security infrastructure across separate IT environments. A key priority for the town was improving network security for its police department. Faced with requirements that included built-in network protection and failover, and data backup/recovery for sensitive emergency call recordings, the town needed its data and call recordings safe and easily recoverable in the event of a disaster or cyberattack.

Working with Magna5, the Town of Kent began its journey to an improved IT solution. With its extensive experience in providing cloud, managed IT and carrier solutions, Magna5 realized its customer needed more than a point solution; it needed a suite of solutions. It needed Commvault.

Commvault relies on our partners like Magna5 as trusted advisors, who understand their clients’ needs and know what companies can deliver on the unique requirements of their clients. By adding Commvault to the mix, Magna5 leveraged a partner who could deliver a broad portfolio with intelligent data management on a flexible platform that can adapt to the changing demands of new technologies and regulations.

Our partnership with Magna5 is a terrific example of how Commvault works with service providers to help make them more successful. With our time-tested, proven solutions, Commvault can help partners create service offerings and programs that produce predictable outcomes with innovative technology capabilities, which keeps them relevant to their clients and drives business growth.

“We choose to work with partners like Commvault based on their proven success. From analyst validation to integrations with many of the same partners we go to market with, Commvault makes it possible to put their backup and disaster recovery solutions to work and assist our customers in being successful.”

–Justin Cameron, SVP, IT Managed Services, Magna5

We know our partners have a choice to make when it comes to engaging vendors who can support the success of their clients. That’s why Commvault is committed to forging strong partnerships by providing an innovative product portfolio, an empowered partner ecosystem and predictable profitability. We continue to develop and invest in our trusted, global partner network because we understand the value of a great partnership.

We couldn’t do it without them.