The Trio of Metallic, NetApp, and Azure

By Rahul Pawar

NetApp’s continuous mission is to give customers the freedom to put data to work in the applications that elevate their business, across cloud data services, storage systems, and software. Much like Commvault, with our laser focus on providing intelligent data management solutions that aid customers in optimizing and obtaining value out of data, it is no surprise that together, we have a natural synergy and a decades-long partnership.

And through that partnership, we have worked with thousands customers, including AstraZeneca. In a recent discussion with Scott Hunter, Global Infrastructure Director at AstraZeneca, Scott talks about how seamlessly his data moves across his hybrid multi-cloud environment with NetApp, whether on-premises or across any cloud, and his reliance on Commvault for managing data protection, disaster recovery (DR), and compliance. In Scott’s words, Commvault, with its ability to “stay ahead of the technology curve,” is his solution of choice along with NetApp and Azure. 

Now, just when you think the partnership cannot get any stronger, we add Metallic, Commvault’s hybrid cloud Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) portfolio into the mix, creating a seamless data management service built across Metallic, NetApp, and Azure.

Microsoft’s Azure NetApp Files (ANF) provides high performance enterprise file-storage in Azure. Built on NetApp technology in Azure, ANF is the gold standard for performance-intensive, latency sensitive workloads like files, applications, and mission critical databases like SAP HANA as well as file shares.  

In speaking with Rick Hegberg, VP Global Pathways at NetApp, he shares: “Strengthening our deep, decades long partnership, Commvault and NetApp are offering our respective customers a simple, powerful SaaS backup and recovery solution to protect their enterprise workloads on Azure NetApp Files. This is yet another example of how NetApp, Microsoft and Commvault have innovated to provide enterprise class SaaS backup and recovery for SAP HANA in Azure.”

We echo these sentiments. Commvault has been a long-time partner of both Microsoft and NetApp. As part of the latest innovation, we’ve added support for database protection for SAP HANA and for file shares as a Metallic Service. This delivers a simple yet powerful way to protect and recover your mission critical SAP HANA workload hosted on Azure NetApp Files.  

If you haven’t had the chance, test drive the Metallic portfolio here: Metallic SaaS Backup & Recovery –

We are in the digital accelerated age and enterprises can count on the trio of Microsoft Azure, NetApp and Metallic to keep innovating and making the data highway faster, better, and frictionless every day. Let us be part of your transformation.