This Valentine’s Day – Keep Your Head In The Cloud

By Chris Powell

Last Valentine’s Day, I (in)famously shared my Top Ten Data Love Songs. This year, I couldn’t resist doing another playlist, but this time it’s all about being in the cloud. Being in love has been described as having your head in the clouds. At Commvault, we know all about the cloud: it’s where we keep data as safe and secure as you feel when you get a hug from your loved one.

So, here it is: my Top 10 “Head in the Cloud” Valentine playlist:

Heavy Cloud No Rain (Sting): The clouds won’t go till their work is done.

Black Cloud (Morrissey): I can chase you and I can catch you…just like data.

Cloudy (Simon & Garfunkel): Your thoughts may be scattered, but you can organize them on the cloud.

Get Off of My Cloud (Rolling Stones): Even Mick Jagger knows you should have your own cloud for data.

I Can See Clearly Now (Jimmy Cliff): All of the pain is gone and all of the bad feelings have disappeared.

Above the Clouds (Paul Weller): Above the clouds, what’s to be found? A good data strategy, I hope.

Singin’ in the Rain (Gene Kelly): There’s really no need to be laughing at clouds, so dark up above.

Cloud Nine (Temptations): If you’re depressed and down-hearted about your data strategy, take some advice from the Temptations and take to Cloud Nine, so you can feel fine.

Clouds in My Coffee/You’re So Vain (Carly Simon): For the record, I don’t recommend storing your data in clouds in your coffee…oh, and I don’t think the song is about me.

Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell): I couldn’t have a cloud playlist without this classic – because unlike Joni, Commvault really knows clouds.

So, this Valentine’s Day, if you think your data needs to get in the cloud, let Commvault help you get there.  Our cloud data solutions let you protect, move, manage and use your data wherever it lives. In addition, Commvault’s new relationship with Hedvig provides new ways to tailor your storage environment to your application and data demands though a software-defined storage platform. Keep an eye out for my next blog, when I’ll share more about this game-changing pairing.

What cloud songs inspire you?