Top 5 Feature Picks For Commvault Service Pack 11

By Damian Andre

As is the case four times a year, it’s time to peel back the covers and unwrap all the goodies contained in the latest Commvault Service Pack release! This time, we’re talking about Service Pack 11, which is packed with features, changes and improvements. Trying to narrow down a top five feature list was a difficult task to say the least. Without further ado, here are my top five feature picks in no particular order:

No. 5: Media Agent cloud power management

There are many reasons why you may opt to run a Media Agent in the cloud. Perhaps you are performing nightly backups of your Amazon or Azure instances, or periodically replicating Virtual Machines on-premises directly to cloud instances. Whatever the reason, you need that Media Agent to be running to get the job done. However, like leaving your car running while you dash into the grocery store, Media Agents that are running idle still consume cloud resources. With this new feature, Commvault can automatically turn off Media Agents when they are idle and automatically turn them back on when they are needed. This can result in considerable cost savings.

No. 4: Commvault Cloud DR Backup

Last year the IT industry suffered from an unprecedented number of ransomware attacks, including the infamous (Not)Petya and WannaCry. The effects were devastating, with many suffering from extensive damage as they worked to recover their critical systems. Commvault is now providing an option to customers to further protect their CommServe databases by sending and storing them to our very own Commvault Cloud service. Enabling this feature is as simple as selecting a checkbox and typing in your Cloud account. Voilà!

No. 3: File Activity Anomaly Detection

Speaking of ransomware, Commvault has worked to provide multiple tools to provide early detections of ransomware outbreaks whilst also adding extra protections for your data by securing mount paths. The latest addition to the portfolio is file anomaly alerts. With this feature enabled, you can configure alerts for suspicious file activity detected by our agents running on laptops or file servers. As soon as suspicious activity is detected, Commvault automatically disables data aging activities and can send you alerts to investigate any detected anomalies.

No. 2: Oh snap!

IntelliSnap provides fast hardware-assisted snapshots to allow application consistent point in time recovery points for your busiest Virtual Machines, Databases, File Servers and more. Commvault has been pioneering this technology since Version 8, and we’re continuing to break new ground with a slew of newly updated engines and features in Service Pack 11. We’ve added new array support for Tintri with VM centric snapshots, added support for both the HDS targetless CCI snapshot engine and Dell Compellent Live Volumes, and enabled snap support for Hitachi NAS (Hnas) network shares. But why stop there? SP11 also includes IntelliSnap support for SAP HANA 2.0VMware Independent disksMicrosoft AzureStack and last but not least, support to allow cross-account snapshot replication in Amazon AWS.

No. 1: Customizable Admin Console interface for Multitenant Service Providers

When the Admin Console first launched in V11 with its gorgeous HTML5 interface, it unlocked a wave of new functionality and service options for our Managed Service Provider (MSP) community. One of the most important things for an MSP is tight control over the user experience, from signup all the way to self-service.

Service Pack 11 now includes a powerful new set of features to tailor the user experience in Admin Console for all user types – MSP Admins, Tenant Admins, Tenant Users – at both the global level, and per tenant (“Company”) level. By controlling the options available in the navigation bar, MSPs can finely tune what options will and won’t be available to each class of user, allowing them to ensure that the Admin Console delivers an experience tailored toward their service catalogue and offerings. It even allows MSPs to test functionality under a test tenant before productizing and releasing the functionality to their wider community.

The best part about this feature is that all customization happens right from within the Admin Console, no configuration files needed, so you can safely put away that text editor.

That’s a wrap

And there you have it. These are my personal top five feature picks for SP11. However, there are dozens more features included with this release. Let me know your favorites via Twitter. You can find me at @Damian_Andre0