Tying Up Loose Ends: A Case For Endpoint Protection

By Gregg Ogden

User mobility introduces threats

By now, you most likely understand the threat of ransomware and your endpoints, but it’s not the only thing you should worry about. Every day, employees leave the office with their company laptops and devices in tow – bringing valuable and confidential data out into the world. I’d be willing to bet that many of us have even lost or forgotten our laptops once or twice, whether it be in the airport, at a coffee shop or in a car service during business travel – creating the ultimate loose end.  There’s certainly no doubt that this is a huge problem for anyone dealing with it, but it’s an even larger problem for the company that owns the laptop and the data stored on it.

Often, endpoints are not fully backed up or secured, which leaves the data on those machines vulnerable to loss. The loss of data stored on laptops and other endpoints can be far more damaging than most people consider, and this risk only grows as companies become more and more reliant on mobile users and their data.  More than a few companies have felt the sting of a lost laptop in the form of large data breaches and associated fines, yet endpoints continue to be one of the main sources of breached data.

Your most overlooked asset

Today most organizations already have a practical understanding of how to manage their data center. However, they often overlook or decide not to focus on data that resides on endpoints. This is data that leaves the building every single day! Allowing unsecured endpoints to roam around could be putting your sensitive intellectual property at risk, and if lost or stolen, the cost can be high.

Addressing this issue requires implementing an endpoint data protection strategy, which includes software that automates the backup and monitoring of your endpoints. The first generation of tools were, unfortunately, ineffective and did their job so poorly that many companies simply went back to manually backing up their data. But times have changed and so have today’s tools. For instance, Commvault Backup and Recovery with endpoint protection is available now and is a robust, automated software solution. 

Taking control of your endpoints

As a result of the ever-increasing importance of data, organizations have been scrambling to both protect and maintain access to ALL of their data. IT departments already have their hands full managing the data within their data centers, without having to manage individual endpoints.  The additional workload of manually backing up and checking endpoints can quickly cause unnecessary strain on your IT department, taking them away from more essential business tasks. An endpoint data protection solution that can be self-scheduled to automatically backup your data can save IT countless hours and can also save sensitive data that could be lost if the laptop is stolen or misplaced.

Besides backing up and securing machines, your IT department must also be able to retrieve the data from endpoints without disrupting the worker using the device. With the proper solution, IT can remotely collect data from endpoints with no user disruption, allowing the entire business to run more smoothly. And while no endpoint data protection solution can stop an employee’s laptop from being lost or stolen, it can give your IT staff the ability to geo-locate and/or remotely wipe the laptop to ensure your data does not fall into the wrong hands – effectively tying up that loose end. 


Many of us know the feeling of panic that comes with reaching for our laptop, only to find that it’s not where we expected it to be.  Your mobile users work with sensitive and valuable data every day, and the risk from your unprotected endpoints is too high to ignore. The exploitation of vulnerable data has gotten many companies into undesirable situations, and it is for that reason why a comprehensive endpoint data protection strategy should be implemented.  Don’t fall victim to one of the most avoidable issues in data; tie up that loose end and get the endpoint security you need to mitigate risk from data breaches.

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