Using Data Analytics To Blaze A Path To The Remarkable

By Don Foster

As the recent Strata Data Conference demonstrated, the discussion of how Big Data, AI, machine learning and other types of data analytics can be used to mine enterprise data for insights that drive better business outcomes has moved from IT department meetings to the boardroom. Transforming enterprise data into a strategic asset that can be used to cut costs, improve customer service, reduce risk exposure and otherwise increase stakeholder value is no longer seen as just a nice competitive advantage. It is now a competitive necessity. The reason? The results from the successful use of data analytics have improved patient outcomes, saved taxpayer dollars by streamlining government operations, accelerated business growth and achieve other remarkable results – examples of which we will examine in further detail at next week’s Commvault GO 2017 conference in Washington D.C.

However, while enterprises want to take advantage of powerful new data technologies, successfully assembling and analyzing data in order to chart a path to remarkable results is no easy task. The data that the enterprise needs to analyze is often siloed in on-premises infrastructure, various public clouds and endpoints throughout the organization.

When enterprises try to leverage these silos by pulling all data together into a data lake, they soon discover a newly-created problem for themselves, with a data lake filled with wrong or out of date data. When they do finally pull together the data, they often find there is no single source of truth to draw upon. Perhaps most important as they try to assemble and activate the data for analysis, they compromise company security policies, or run afoul of data privacy laws such as the soon-to-be implemented General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In trying to use their data to create shareholder value, they expose this data or break data privacy regulations, incurring government fines, weakening customer relationships and damaging their reputation.

Unless an enterprise has the right data, in the right place and is using data analytics to activate this data in a safe, secure way, they will not only not achieve the remarkable – they might find themselves in a fight for the survival of their business.

Given this, the first step in blazing a path to the remarkable is deploying a powerful data platform that can automate and orchestrate the protection, security, collection and activation of this data so that it can be properly used by analytic engines and technologies. A platform that provides a comprehensive data index – across all environments – so when the enterprise needs to find and analyze particular data, it can; a platform that delivers complete data portability, to, from, or across clouds, data centers and endpoints; a platform that automates and orchestrates data processes, reducing administration and avoiding the need to create data lakes while still providing access to a clean, up-to-date single version of the truth; a platform that protects and secures this data, minimizing the threat of ransomware attacks, enabling quick recovery from disasters and ensuring compliance with a wide variety of different data privacy regulations.

In addition, enterprises need a platform that leverages data analysis technologies to empower them to secure the data insights they can use to achieve the remarkable; a platform that can automatically detect unusual activity indicating a potential ransomware attack. One that, when an enterprise considers analyzing a data set, can discover other data sets through the organization that might improve this analysis; one that can detect where personal data is stored and alert the enterprise if this personal data is being used in a way that might not be compliance with data privacy regulations; a platform that simplifies data management so that enterprises can maximize the power of data analytics tools to achieve their remarkable goals. In other words, the Commvault Data Platform.

I look forward to further discussing at Commvault GO 2017 how the Commvault Data Platform enables enterprises to not just use data analytics to create business value, but also allows them to accelerate their move to the cloud, keep up in a rapidly changing business environment, refresh their infrastructure and implement other digital transformation initiatives that realize the remarkable.

We will even discuss some remarkable data analytics and other innovations being incorporated into the Commvault Data Platform that will transform the way our customers back up, archive and use their data. See you there.