Walking The Walk – Holding Vendors To A Higher Data Protection Standard

By Don Foster

Picture yourself, out to dinner with your family celebrating a birthday, anniversary, job promotion or simply the end of a long week. You’ve splurged on a nice bottle of wine (or two) and unfortunately the worst part of the evening comes – paying the bill. No big deal, you think, as you pull out your trusty bank card.  What seems like a long time passes and the server returns with a sheepish look stating your card has been denied.

 “UGH, not my bank doing this again!!!!”

That used to be my response. But I came to the realization that if I trust my bank to house my livelihood, I should realize the precautions it puts in place in a dangerous world is for my own good, and I have come to thank it (internally) for its steadfast views in keeping me safe as a customer.

We have all heard the cliché about data being the fuel for the digital business. Every year we see more proof to back up this claim. Personalized marketing, business trends tracked in data, the Internet of Things spanning even the most basic of human experiences has improved companies’ abilities to deliver on the outcomes of their customers. The value of this data has also skyrocketed.  It has brought about new regulations at a global level (the General Data Protection Regulation in the European Union). And it has also sparked the monetization of malware and made the theft of data an incredibly lucrative dark web activity. 

Since data has become so valuable, isn’t it time you hold your business vendors that deal in data to the same standards that you would hold your financial institutions? If a data company, let alone a self-described intelligent data management company, cannot keep its own information secure, what does it say about its commitment back to you?

Talking the talk is easy. Anyone with a large marketing budget and a thundering megaphone can make a claim. Backing up that claim – walking the walk so to speak – so that you will never have to restore your reputation is a whole different ball game.

Luckily, we have been walking the walk for well over a decade. Join us at Commvault GO in October in Nashville, Tenn., and hear testimonials from our customers and partners for Data Management Done Differently. 

Ask us how we know how to walk the walk and keep your data protected and secure. 

We practice every hour of every day ourselves.