We Reached The South Pole!

By Chris Powell

Our remarkable journey has reached its final destination. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would say, “Today I stood at the South Pole.” And yet, here I am with an amazing team of people who were strangers when I met them at the beginning of the month. Now, after days of skiing, tent-making, frozen face masks and shared dehydrated meals, they are friends with whom I share an amazing bond.

Completing this adventure is an overwhelming rush of accomplishment, amazement, gratitude and relief. This challenge was so much harder than I expected. Despite all my training and preparation, I have never been so physically and mentally challenged in my life. My admiration for the SPEC team is over the top. This team logged 56 days in their journey to the South Pole and, through it all, maintained the necessary combination of discipline and a sense of humor.

While my thoughts are swirling at this particular moment in my life, I am so grateful to Robert Swan for inviting me on this journey. His tenacity is inspirational – and to think 30 years ago he completed his solo trek to the South Pole without the renewable energy sources and communication tools we had is mind-boggling.

I also appreciate the efforts of the SPEC corporate partners such as Shell, Toyota, Samsung and Patagonia, and of course, everyone at Commvault. The fact that the information we accumulated during this expedition has been properly managed and protected – and shared with the world – gives me a real sense of pride.

On a personal level, I like knowing that some of my favorite photos from this trip will be protected by our data management solution. I have spent the past few years at Commvault telling our story and explaining how we help companies protect their remarkable ideas and information, and it’s been gratifying to be on the other side. Seeing firsthand the data sent, gathered and protected by Commvault has helped me get closer to our customer experience.

Soon we will leave the pole and fly back to base camp, eventually returning home. It was my hope when I joined this expedition that I would learn things that would help me become a better leader. Upon my return, I hope the skills I learned, the courage I witnessed and the persistence of the SPEC team will continue to inspire me in my work life.

I’m especially proud to be here and represent the employees, partners and customers of Commvault. Our role as official data partner for 2041 continues over the next few years.

Like the thousands upon thousands of public and private sector organizations whose data we protect, 2041 can now be confident in its data protection strategy.

It can focus on its remarkable efforts to promote the protection of Antarctica. Thank you to everyone who had followed our expedition and supported our efforts. A special shout out to all the Commvault employees who participated in our global energy challenge.

And also to the children who asked questions throughout the journey. I hope we all continue to be aware of the risks of climate change to our planet, realize there are ways to make a difference, and take action.

The journey isn’t over yet.

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