What Commvault can do for your container strategy

Don Foster
By Don Foster

In my first blog, I discussed the drivers and needs for DevOps. Here’s the conclusion.

Luckily, Commvault is laser focused on this space and is driving rapid innovation that will help you take the lead in your own organization’s transformation efforts- – and have a solution for your DevOps team before they even know they need it.

Programmable infrastructure is an absolute necessity in the Kubernetes world. When your developers and living in a world of YAML and manifests to execute toward their goals you need software solutions that can deliver. Yes … I said software, not hardware. Software-Defined Storage (SDS) is the cloudlike infrastructure your organization needs to meet the needs of the traditional, modern, and transforming IT world. The Hedvig technology we acquired a year ago has been innovated upon specifically to meet the needs of the Kubernetes ecosystem. 

We already provide the resiliency, simplicity and enterprise features required to support a transforming datacenter. Replication, deduplication, snapshots, security … the list will go on and on.  But when the infrastructure standardization of SDS collides with Kubernetes, and more enterprise capabilities become programmable objects as a part of custom resource definitions (CRD), the game completely changes.  Instantly your DevOps team can provision the storage resources they want, on the cloud, hybrid or on prem K8s platform of their choice. With Hedvig running under the covers, policies can define how different storage classes are utilized, how they tie into the DevOps process, ensure the data is protected by the infrastructure and even speed the migration of workloads from cluster to cluster. This is all done in a simple programmable way that is enabled by Container Storage Interface (CSI) and the robust API layer within Hedvig. 

The dev team has access to resources when they need it, on-premises or in the cloud, with a level of resilience and fault tolerance that new K8s applications are requiring.  A win-win.

But let’s also not forget our roots. Commvault still delivers the industry’s best data management and data protection solution, for any workload. Why should Kubernetes be any different.  Lucky for everyone, it isn’t. Just as our infrastructure devs have been laser focused on providing the best SDS infrastructure offering, so to have our data management devs.  Kubernetes, wherever it is run, can be protected by Commvault. Leveraging our own CSI, we can take advantage of any infrastructure to ensure manifests, YAML, and persistent volumes are completely protected, secured and recoverable.  Making life even better for the DevOps folks, we can even use backups as a function to migrate Kubernetes applications from cluster to cluster without the limitations “cast-on” by some other vendors.

If you haven’t had a chance to dig into how Commvault is leading in the area of Kubernetes, containers and data management, please come and talk to us a KubeCON, or hit us up here!  Our strategy is to make it easy to store, protect, and migrate your K8s. The digital transformation era is just heating up. Get ahead of your DevOps team (or at least get even) and have a solution for the application transformation that is occurring as we speak. Before we know it, there will be another new set of buzzwords, and getting prepared for what’s next means you need an handle on what’s here now. We’re here to help!