When it comes to protecting your data, you need vision

By Matt Tyrer

Vision really is all over the place these days…and it really is all about vision – not just what data you can see, manage, access and secure today…

We’re talking “big picture” here: What will you need for your data tomorrow.

Not everyone is so good at that part.  In fact, very few companies and solutions are able to say that they truly have vision.  Many, despite their marketing noise and social media buzz, are still just reacting to the market rather than anticipating it. So, when a shift happens, they’re left scrambling to find a dance partner to “integrate with” and stay relevant or hunting for a smaller tech company to eat up for their technology. The rise of Kubernetes was a great example of this – many backup vendors (old and new) were left trying to partner or buy into the container game. They lacked the vision to see this was coming, but not Commvault!

You might ask: So what? 

Well, this road leads to the dark side, and by that I mean more cost and complexity over time.  Imagine, if you will, that this approach was taken every time a new workload or trend came to the forefront:

  • What there’s Virtual machines now?  Better add a product
  • The DBAs don’t actually run backups on Oracle?  I need another tool
  • Cloud doesn’t automagically protect my data?  Ruh roh…
  • SaaS apps have data!?  Oops…

I mean, how sustainable is that approach over time?  When you try to go forward with each new tool or component, regardless of if it’s part of a “protection suite”, “purpose built”, or hidden behind a dozen explorers and UIs (one for every flavour workload of the datacenter) you’re adding complexity and losing sight over your data.

One tool and UI for protecting applications, another for cloud, another for Microsoft 365, another for replication, another for deduplication, another for reporting…you get the picture…it’s just not up for handling modern challenges.

You need to break free from this sort of approach, and look for a worthy vision.

Unified and Intelligent Data Services

Commvault’s vision has been since day one to provide a single view across all of your data, regardless of what it is or where it resides. That vision also meant anticipating tomorrow’s business and technology needs and building them into the solution making them truly a greater part of the whole.  Back to the Kubernetes example from before, did you know that Commvault introduced container data protection into our solution as far back as 2017?  We knew that our customers would be going down that road soon enough, so we built it. We didn’t run out and buy something, we didn’t latch onto the “next big thing” and hope that we could integrate – We built it.

That’s vision, and to be honest that also actually predates a couple of the companies in that space today. 😉

More importantly though, it was easy for YOU the customer to actually take advantage of this feature, you didn’t need to buy a new product or install a new block in the datacenter – it was simply a part of the Commvault solution. You shouldn’t have to manage your data through 14 tools and UIs, it’s impossible to keep your eyes on it all and know what’s where.  This is crucial now that your data is also living in a world with a lot more risks in it.  If your vision isn’t clear, how can you keep your data secure?  How can you protect it?  How can you recover it?

With Commvault, your vision is clear.

One UI.  One Command Center.  One solution – All your workloads.

To learn more about how Commvault data services can help you protect your containers and other modern workloads visit us at www.commvault.com or catch one of our on-demand demoes and  webinars: