When Protecting Data Supports Critical Patient Care: How Commvault Serves The Healthcare Industry

By Chris Powell

Many years ago – more than I would like to admit – I started my career in healthcare. My first job was for a start-up company that created a carpal tunnel syndrome prevention program to help people avoid surgery. Then I worked for a Medicaid managed care company in the communications and marketing department. Healthcare has changed a lot since I was in the industry. In fact, of all the industries and customers Commvault serve, none is more positioned for significant change and growth than the healthcare industry.  

The evolution of technologies, such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, will dramatically change the way patient care is delivered. These changes will also create exponentially more data – data that has to be accessed in new ways and protected to secure privacy and protect quality.

This industry is also extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks. Historically, health systems’ focus on patient care has outpaced investments in cutting-edge IT. Combine that with ongoing reliance on legacy IT systems – and the high value of patient data on the black market – and the result is a prime target for hackers. At Commvault, we realize the importance of this industry’s challenges, and we are working to advance our ability to create and deliver advanced data protection solutions while helping our healthcare customers make the transition to the cloud.

Commvault is not new to the healthcare industry – we have been serving the industry for years. However, a few years ago, we realized we needed to approach this sector differently. We created a dedicated healthcare business unit – and have scored some significant successes with our customers.

Prime Healthcare: Prime Healthcare, a national health system based in Ontario, Calif., deployed Commvault to simplify data management and elevate patient care across its organization. With Commvault, Prime Healthcare is keeping pace with its rapid expansion fueled by its mission to save struggling hospitals, keep healthcare jobs and improve community healthcare. The Commvault solution provides a 98 percent backup success rate and can fail over its entire data center to an alternate site within 15 minutes while restoring its entire data center in 30 minutes.

Johns Hopkins Medicine: For more than 10 years, Commvault has worked with Johns Hopkins Medicine to provide data protection and support its various initiatives and ongoing innovation. Together, Commvault partners with this large, prestigious healthcare provider to help drive advances in patient care.

Montgomery County Memorial Hospital: Located in Red Oak, Iowa, Montgomery County Memorial Hospital is a critical access hospital that provides its community 24-hour access to medical care. Faced with data growth driven by services, such as intensive cardiac care and complex orthopedic surgeries, the hospital found its legacy data protection solution could not reliably handle. Commvault’s unified, integrated approach allowed the hospital to protect 30 TB of virtual data and support a new, mobile health clinic. It also freed one full-time IT employee to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Mercy Technology Services: The IT backbone of Mercy, one of the five largest U.S. health systems, Mercy Technology Services selected Commvault for its new healthcare cloud disaster recovery and backup as a service (DR and BaaS) solution. Commvault provides a complete, cost-effective cloud solution to protect and recover clinical and business data.

Salinas Valley/Pure Storage:  Working in partnership with Pure Storage, Commvault helped to support a new storage platform installed for a MEDITECH environment for the Salinas Valley Memorial Health System in central California. The joint health solution gives the system state-of-the-art data management solutions that will grow with its networks and ever-increasing amount of patient data.

Healthcare was an important part of my career, and I am proud to know Commvault is supporting this industry as it drives innovation. The customer stories I shared here are just several examples of how we play a role in supporting within this important focus area. There are many more stories to tell and we look forward to adding to this list as both advances in the industry – and our healthcare-focused solutions – continue to flourish.

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