Why Backups And Analytics Win Football Games (And Keep Businesses From Looking Foolish)

By Chris Powell

Saturday was World Backup Day, our annual reminder to people and business owners to protect their data. It occurs every March 31 (the day before April Fools’ Day) to keep data preservation top of mind and to not – wait for it – look like a fool. All this noise about backups got me to thinking about possibly the best backup scenario I have witnessed in a long time – the Philadelphia Eagles winning Super Bowl LII with their backup quarterback, Nick Foles.

As a Philadelphia native, to say I was rooting for the Eagles during the entire football season – up to and including the Super Bowl – is a gross understatement.  It was the underdog story of the year (or in Philly, the century).  No one thought the Eagles could make it to the Super Bowl. Not only did they lose their starting quarterback to an injury, they faced the New England Patriots dynasty.

When they won the game, they changed the franchise’s history by using analytics and a great backup.

Right after the Eagles earned their spot in the Super Bowl, I came across a fascinating blog on ESPN.com by Tim McManus, who explored the role of the Eagles’ analytics team and how they communicated with head coach Doug Pederson. Bottom line of the article: by doing the math, the team was able to make more calculated risks that the public – and their opponents – never expected. 

Let’s talk about backups now. When I first posed this blog topic to my team, one of the first responses I received was, “Great backups? Are you talking about the Supremes or the Pips?” (OK, they really didn’t say that, but you get the point – it was neither).I was talking about Foles, the same guy whom almost recently retired. Foles, in his own right, is an impressive quarterback, but many doubted his ability.  His performance during the Super Bowl was amazing, including the part where he made history by being the only quarterback in Super Bowl history to catch a pass for a touchdown on fourth and goal.

You know where I’m going with this, right? How do you score the winning touchdown for your company? You use analytics and a backup.(Pretty cool, right?)

In business, just like in football, backups (or the second string) are used when the production environment (or first-string starter) goes down. In either case, backups have to be ready at a moment’s notice to take the place of the starter or the production environment. Just as Foles continuously prepared behind Carson Wentz, Commvault prepares you for the unexpected to ensure you have a complete view of all your stored data – no matter where it is – so it can step in and shine when the moment arises. Here’s the great thing: because Commvault backs up all your VMs, files, databases, applications and more in your data centers or in your cloud environments, you will always know that you have and the ability to quickly respond to score the winning touchdown for your company. 

Data is more than important to businesses today; it’s essential. Companies have to pay attention to data because they need it for any number of reasons – compliance, how they are using it, when are they using it and how do they deliver it securely?