World Backup Day: Celebrate Your Backup Heroes!

By Matt Tyrer

World Backup Day (March 31) is the occasion to recall all the times you messed up (admit it) and someone saved your hide. Those “someones” are a special group of folks known as backup admins, and today is the day to go and give them all a hug (or a day off!).

Backup admins rarely get the corner office and often are considered lucky to have a window with natural light (and not just one facing into the data center!). I remember one IT shop I was visiting in a past life for a SAN/NAS deployment was at a hospital. Anyone that has worked in a hospital knows the IT area tends to be in the absolute worst spot since all the fun and cool spots are used for important stuff (like patients). In this case, the IT offices were in the basement – next to the morgue. I tell you it is very hard to do SAN zoning (old school WWN methods FTW) for a new library and array during a scheduled window, which is always in the dead of night, when you are in ground zero for the next zombie uprising. It was generally a stressful job as a lot depended on those backups getting done.

However, since that day long ago, a lot has changed. Backup and recovery has gotten a lot easier and put a lot less stress upon the folks that manage them. Gone are the days of having to script literally everything for the backups yourself; we have automation engines and direct integration into apps and platforms to make that job simple. One no longer has to plod through a seemingly endless queue of restore requests for “that file” the user lost. We have self-service and easier access to the data sets for users to quickly and easily get what they need. Innovation has driven backup and recovery to be faster, simpler and much more powerful. You can do more with the backups than ever before. Just look to the proliferation of companies and products only focused on using secondary (*cough* backup) copies for stuff – something Commvault has done all along.

I’d like to celebrate by sharing some stories from our own global customers and their successes with making backup a better bit to byte off (yes, I stretched on that one).

Starting in the Netherlands, Zwanenberg overhauled its IT infrastructure and brought in Commvault to trim its backup windows, better automate and reduce operational overhead, and generally make its backup life simpler. 

“Commvault was chosen based on [its] ability to deliver an easy to maintain and solid solution,” said Eilko Bronsema, Manager IT at Zwanenberg Food Group.

Spinning further east we land in India where Ajit Venugopalan, Managing Director, SVC Bank drove his business forward. He said: “With multiple backup domains and a long backup window, it was difficult for us to maintain a high level of data retention through a manual tape inventory. Commvault’s data protection solutions directly addressed these issues.” 

SVC Bank was able to cut backup times by 40 percent while delivering a cost effective and scalable solution that also happened to bump up not only [its] customer satisfaction but also revenues.

Flying over the Pacific, we land in the Americas where Matt Magbee saved the day, by using Commvault to rapidly recover from a ransomware attack on his company’s critical data. One quote that stood out was that because of its solid backups and recent snapshots, Matt said, “Our applications were up and running within 30 minutes.” Which is pretty fantastic if you ask me (which you did because this is my blog!).

Lastly, it’s not lost on me the hilarity/irony/coincidence/hubris of holding World Backup Day right before April Fools’ – and I know for a fact that backup admins are unsung heroes here, so be like them and not fools. Make sure your data is backed up!

(Oh, and hug your backup admin today!)

Paid for by the imaginary society of protecting endangered backup admins with hugs.