World Backup Day: Recognizing Backup, The Unsung It Superhero!

By Matt Tyrer

It’s World Backup Day this Saturday!  (cue applause and evil laughter)

It is the day where we recognize and celebrate the awesomeness that is backup. Backup + Awesome in the same sentence?  You bet your bitcoin they are. If you’ve ever dropped your laptop, lost a phone, deleted a file (or heck, “saved it somewhere and can’t find it”), had a disk go wonky, experienced a solar flare, or been hit by malware or ransomware, then you’ve prayed to and thanked the IT gods that backup is there. Sadly, backup doesn’t get the glory that recovery does, even though you can’t have one without the other 😊.  That’s OK though. Backups get to be like that superhero I can’t name without violating somebody’s copyright – you never see them, but you can always count on them to save the day!

Like all superheroes, “The Backup” has changed and evolved over the years to keep pace with both the times and the people. We now have more places to store our data that are outside our four walls such as cloud and multi-cloud environments, a virtual/mobile workforce and data kept in the various XaaS spaces. This also drives a much more fluid interaction between the users and their data as a more consumer-friendly approach to it has become the norm.  Self-service and access to data, and the protected copies of it, are almost default features we expect to be available even within the enterprise. Changing regulatory situations such as the imminent introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) to the world add further complexities to not just protecting the data, but storing it, and deleting it.

As things continue to change, the more that backup becomes an integral focal point for overall data strategy and policy. Can you “see” all of your data? Can you drive actions against that data? Can you find and get it back in a timely fashion? These aren’t new challenges, but the nature of the world within that we now have to answer them is definitely “new.”  So, on World Backup Day, take a moment and look within your organization at your superheroes and evaluate if they can answer the call of duty for not just today, but tomorrow and beyond.

Lastly, it’s not lost on me the hilarity/irony/coincidence/hubris of holding World Backup Day right before April Fools’ – don’t be a fool, make sure your data is backed up!