You Say You Want A Resolution?

By Chris Powell

So last week we turned the calendar to January.  A New Year, a new start – filled with resolutions and promises to improve ourselves – filled with visions of healthy meal preps and hours logged at the gym! If you’re responsible for your company’s data, perhaps you should also start thinking about New Year’s Data Resolutions. Surprisingly, there are a lot of similarities: 1. Slim Down; 2. Get Stronger; and 3. Practice Good Habits.

Slim Down
This is where data consolidation comes into play, specifically in terms of data centers. This year will be game-changing for cloud adoption in production IT workloads.  Enterprises will continue to pour investments into cloud initiatives, focusing increasingly on technologies and that enable them to transform the cloud from merely a storage location into a solution that enables new, more agile ways of working. This will allow for more efficient, effective and responsible management of applications, workloads and data across both on-premises and in-cloud environments. 

Get Stronger
Focus on improving data strength and recovery capabilities. Recovery readiness metrics are becoming more common in technology RFPs (request for proposals). All businesses must be prepared to meet the requirement for recovery readiness not only to maintain the trust of their customers, but also to comply with data privacy regulations.  Strong companies will know what data they have, how to access it, where it is stored and how to recover it. 

Practice Good Habits
This goes beyond brushing and flossing your teeth every day; this is about improving technology skillsets to meet the new and transformative needs of the changing digital business. New compliance and governance measures (remember the General Data Protection Regulation?), together with a growing monetization of malware/ransomware attacks, will continue to put pressure on IT organizations and force improved operations to meet the needs of the digitally transforming business. Good, healthy habits can keep you safe and improve your bottom line.

So, in 2019, renew your membership at the data gym and show up to work.  The IT landscape is constantly evolving and this is no time to be a slacker. (For more insight on Commvault’s 2019 predictions, check out Don Foster’s Data Prediction entry and Penny Gralewski’s Cloud Prediction blog).

Carpe Diem! You can do it: slim down, get stronger, practice good habits and change your flabby data into fit data.