Cisco Live Europe In Review: ‘Possible’ Now Defined By Data

By Nigel Tozer

If there’s one takeaway from Cisco Live, it’s the importance of data and its impact on all of our lives.

The keynote focused on “The Bridge to Possible,” which is a great story for a company with a networking background and a bridge for a logo, but this tale is about much more than networks that carry data. Cisco Live Europe 2019 was really about delivering positive outcomes for businesses and for people, and Cisco made it extremely clear that to do this you have to modernise how you collect, store, move, protect and use data. From IoT, to hyperconverged systems and through to modern multi-cloud use cases, Cisco Live was a genuine (and huge!) “all-you-can-eat” buffet.

Cisco Hyperflex featured in a big way at the show, and making private clouds simple enough for any location made the news with the announcement of Hyperflex Anywhere. This was underpinned with the message that a “Cisco data centre goes anywhere your data is,” which translates to HCI cloud technology now being suitable for remote/branch offices, but still having the ability to run at global scale.

Whether in a data centre or distributed across multiple remote locations, workloads and data still need protecting of course, so it was timely that Commvault also announced snapshot integration with Cisco Hyperflex. The integration is built into ScaleProtect™ on UCS® appliances and Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery, and it simplifies the near-instant protection of VMs and applications. Hyperflex customers also benefit from simple, self-service recovery and access to a range of multi-cloud use cases and tools.

Along with many other Cisco partners, Commvault had a stand in the World of Solutions area of the show. As well as having the opportunity to make your own Lego avatar to “work” in our Lego data centre or take home, we also had some great conversations. Common topics were:

  • Making more/better use of cloud and enabling multi-cloud
  • Consolidating multiple backup systems (modern and legacy) into one system for on-premises and cloud
  • Data risk concerns around cyber-threats and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Preparing for malware and ransomware attacks: rapid recovery and DR
  • How businesses can protect “any application, any cloud, any scale”

Partnerships also played a big part at the show stand for us, with technology and alliance partners presenting between our own sessions in our stand’s mini theatre. We welcomed guest presenters from Cisco, Pure Storage and Scality, and delegates were also keen to understand how we integrate with the likes of FlexPod and FlashStack.

A personal highlight of mine was an on stage interview with one of our partners, COOLSPIRiT from the United Kingdom. We discussed a case study with a UK-based teaching hospital trust. What was really interesting about this customer story was how the partner, with the help of Commvault software and Cisco UCS, was able to make a direct positive impact on patient care. We didn’t know about Cisco’s ‘”The Bridge to Possible” theme when we chose the customer story, but we were certainly in alignment as our session was all about how data, and good data management, made great patient care possible.

So if Cisco and your data are playing a big part in building your organisation’s “The Bridge to Possible,” isn’t it worth protecting it properly? Learn more at our Cisco alliance page*, or read the news about Commvault’s Hyperflex snapshot integration and automation.

*Also includes information on FlashStack and Azure Stack support.