Multi cloud data migration

Fast. Simple. Scalable. What kind of cloud data migration flexibility do you need to support changing data needs?

How to Migrate Legacy Backups to the Cloud with Commvault

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Secure, streamlined and fast

That’s how multi cloud data migration should be ‐ and could be when you use Commvault software. The reasons you use the cloud change frequently, and
those reasons can be quite different.

Some of the most common needs for multi cloud management
are to efficiently manage data migration:

  • To the cloud
  • Across multiple clouds
  • Across cloud geographic regions
  • Back to the on-premises data center

With Commvault you can align your data storage needs, cloud and data migration strategies seamlessly. Easily move production data or choose to use cloud as a secondary or tertiary storage target for data archiving.

Commvault includes native integration to public clouds so your cloud data migration is fast, flexible and secure. Whatever your cloud data strategy, Commvault has comprehensive cloud data migration options to help.

Commvault has helped with cost savings and ease of migration to the cloud.

– IT Director, Medium Enterprise Financial Services Company

Efficient multi cloud data migration

Today’s cloud providers are great at keeping your data and workloads persistent and usable. When it comes to data migration, Commvault provides the automation and security that data and workloads need on their way to the cloud location of your choice.

Commvault complements today’s top public and private clouds with automated and proven multi cloud data migration tools designed to meet your data protection SLAs.

If you’ve been trying cloud data migration with native cloud tools, you may have run into challenges. When you use separate tools for each of your clouds, plus other tools for your on-premises data, you’re duplicating effort, introducing discrepancies and spending more time than you should.

Streamline the work of multi cloud data migration with Commvault.

  • Built-in compression shrinks the data as much as possible
  • Built-in deduplication reduces the volume of data moving to the cloud
  • Encryption protects workloads in flight
  • Integrated reporting shows success, failure and job restart
  • Easily confirm your workload migration is successful and secure.

Best of all, automation and orchestration further streamlines Commvault data migration processes: you can define process flows once, then apply them consistently across data projects. Automation saves you time and effort on your cloud journey.

We recently replaced all of our onsite tape libraries with AWS S3 storage. We couldn’t have done this without the seamless integration between Commvault and AWS.

– IT Manager, Large Enterprise Computer Software Company

Scalable multi cloud data migration

Smoothly manage even large data volumes moving to the cloud – Commvault has seamless integration into tools like Azure Data Box and AWS Snowball. There is no need for additional third-party appliances for large data migrations.

Commvault software seamlessly integrates with
large scale data migration tools, including:

  • Microsoft Azure Data Box family (Data Box, Data Box Disk, Data Box Heavy, Data Box Edge, Data Box Gateway)
  • AWS Snowball (AWS Snowball, AWS Snowball Edge, AWS Snowmobile)
  • Google Transfer Appliance

Commvault integration into these public cloud large scale data migration tools provides more secure data migration than competitors who require additional third-party appliances for large data migrations.

We uploaded, copied, and synced our data management with Commvault using Azure Data Box in a third of the time it would have taken without it—and we avoided risks to network performance or sensitive information. 

– Brian Blum, Senior Systems Administrator University of Central Florida Read the Azure case study

Flexible virtual machine migration
to hypervisors and clouds

Many organizations migrate virtual machines to the cloud for different business objectives. Whether you’re moving 100 virtual machines or thousands, Commvault speeds your virtual machine migration to the cloud and gives you a variety of workload location options.

In one click, Commvault can migrate virtual machines to the cloud of your choice. Choose virtual machine migration to the cloud as a one-time operation or automate regular cloud copy creationfor common use cases such as disaster recovery and dev/test operations.

Commvault makes cross hypervisor data migrations quick. Because Commvault data migration is abstracted from the hypervisor layer, you have unmatched flexibility in backup and recovery across a wide variety of hypervisors and clouds.

We have worldwide locations and all of these locations have a server infrastructure. It is easy to back up all these servers with Commvault and copy the backup data to other locations.

– IT Specialist, Medium Enterprise Agriculture Company

Cost-effective data archiving with
multi cloud data migration

Many organizations realize tape storage is no longer economical, efficient or even pleasant for employees unused to the physical labor of managing tape.

Some organizations move entire archives to the cloud, using Commvault to manage large-scale data migrations. Other organizations employ Commvault pre set retention schedules to automatically shift workloads to cold cloud storage when SLAs indicate the data should be archived.

With the broadest range of cloud storage options, Commvault helps you quickly move archives to the cloud. Commvault offers native integration to multiple cloud archive storage options, including Microsoft Azure Blob storage (Cool, Archive and Immutable), Amazon S3 Glacier and Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive, and Google Cloud Platform Coldline Storage.

Align with a cloud partner

Commvault software supports more than 40 cloud storage options across public and private clouds. Get a comprehensive view of data storage locations, consistent service level agreements for hybrid IT environments, and policy control management for cloud and on-premises workloads.