Commvault Recognized For Digital Transformation

By Commvault

Today’s modern working world is far different from the one we grew up. Water cooler conversations, typed memos and in-person meeting defined the landscape, far different from today’s reality. Driven by a voracious appetite for information, and a millennial-fueled demand for borderless social work team collaboration, the ‘way we work’ has changed, and changed for the better. Inside companies, workers from all teams, across all geographies and at all levels can seamlessly work together, get access to information, and create networks that are increasing business speed and agility. Those companies that ‘get it’ will win, especially in the war for talent.

And software makes it all possible.

A year ago, Commvault started building a foundation for transforming the way our employees work, communicate and collaborate. A key part of this strategy was launching a new social intranet powered by Jive Software. Last week at JiveWorld17, Jive’s customer conference, our hard work was rewarded as Commvault was recognized as an innovator and a best practice example in internal community building. I was extremely proud to receive a Digital Transformation Award for being among 25 companies that are at the vanguard of enterprise collaboration and communication … and have demonstrated groundbreaking leadership and innovation…” We stood alongside companies that included Citi, Hitachi Data Systems, American Airlines, Starwood Hotels, ADP, Leidos, Western Digital and more.

At Commvault, we understand that software is not simply about delivering features and functions, but can be an agent for creating business value and driving transformation.

Our new social intranet called Commvault CONNECT is helping our employees to connect directly with senior management and each other, to understand our strategy more clearly, to collaborate with individuals and teams across former silos in new ways; it helps find the content and experts they need to deliver great products and services to our customers. With Commvault CONNECT, our modern social intranet, our employees now have the right equipment to get the job done. We have built a foundation to completely transform the way we work at Commvault and we did it in less than nine months. It is also an essential component in creating a social, collaborative culture within our organization – table stakes in today’s connected world.

Just as we are using Jive Software to drive business transformation at Commvault in order to build better products and deliver best-in-class services, we are committed to helping our customers get value from their data in order to make better business decisions. Creating the workplace of the future is a key component of delivering value to our customers.