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April 2021 edition

Secure your data with SaaS

Shape the cloud to fit your needs and protect data using SaaS. Join our tech talk to learn how SaaS can support your transformation to the cloud while reducing costs and overhead, effectively eliminating growing pains.

Find savings in a bank and backup

Protecting customer data also means protecting the community. As the largest and oldest bank in Arkansas in the Midwestern region of the USA, Arvest Bank relies on Commvault to trim backup time via DASH Copy, cut disk space by 90%, and meet compliance requirement. Read their story of savings.

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The pivotal certification for government agencies

Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) is designed to ensure government agency data being consistently protected via cloud solutions. Once certified, agencies can leverage the scalability, flexibility, and cost benefits of SaaS to realize their digital transformation goals. Read the analysis to learn more.

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The no brainer — BaaS saves time and money

It’s no longer a suggestion but a necessity. In today’s remote working environment, BaaS solutions are the best way to back up and protect your most valuable asset: data. Guarding yourself from deletion, corruption, ransomware, and attacks at scale has never been easier with Metallic™.

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Free Metallic™ for Microsoft Azure

Schools are stretched to do more with less, particularly now. Yet the need to cost-effectively protect data remains. We want to help safeguard with SaaS — when you purchase one Metallic™ for Office 365 Backup faculty license, your educational institution will receive four student licenses free of charge.

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Cast your vote by May 7

In DBTA Readers’ Choice Awards 2021, we are honored to be nominated in the “Best Database Backup Solution” category for Metallic™ Database Backup. We’d especially appreciate your vote of confidence in the best-in-class SaaS.

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See how magic is made in just half an hour

Experience firsthand how to seamlessly protect, access and drive value from your enterprise data. Give us 30 minutes and be ready to see what Commvault can do for you in backup and recovery to the cloud, scale-up architecture, virtualization and more.

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