Customers Give Us The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

By Miranda Foster

Customer success stories never get tired around here and they give us the ultimate adrenaline rush. Looking back across fiscal Q4 2019, we saw many of our customers realize the power and tangible benefits of our strategic offerings like Commvault Complete™ Backup and Recovery and Commvault HyperScale™, to name a couple. While I don’t want to steal thunder away from their upcoming spotlight at our annual customer conference, Commvault GO 2019, I want to quickly highlight a few global customer successes that really speak to our momentum and product innovation.

First, Commvault is taking the competition head on. Let’s take a look at the United Arab Emirates. Emirates Steel, the only integrated steel plant in the UAE, selected Commvault HyperScale over Rubrik’s offering for its scale-out data protection, easy installation, simplicity and overall efficiency across a complex environment. 

“Backup was a challenge with underlying technology scattered across different environments and running on aging Dell hardware,” said Mohammed Azam, IT Infrastructure Head, Emirates Steel. “I initially liked Rubrik’s simple interface but soon realized it didn’t handle our diverse enterprise environment well and fell short technically. Commvault Hyperscale proved a more effective solution with an interface that was just as user-friendly but with the critical difference that we installed it easily and it works perfectly across our complex environment.”

In North America, Alliant Credit Union, the largest credit union in Illinois and one of the largest in the nation, recently deployed Commvault Hyperscale after successfully backing up its SharePoint environment and managing more than 100 TB of data through Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery.

“Commvault HyperScale allows us to consolidate backup across our environment with a powerful and simpletouse feature set, eliminating headaches and making backups much easier than ever before,” said Julio Arevalo Jr., Manager, Systems Engineering, Alliant Credit Union. “Through ‘click-button’ restores, Commvault HyperScale has been able get our data back up and running quickly in our yearly disaster recovery tests, which gives us the assurance that our data is well protected in the event of a real outage or cyber attack. Additionally, Commvault HyperScale provides us a clean storage appliance with allinclusive software, eliminating the need for constant patch updates from multiple vendors, while enabling us to streamline storage policies and retire unneeded appliances.”

Like Alliant Credit Union, many of our customers are leveraging multiple Commvault offerings to modernize their IT infrastructure. Responding to a recent World Backup Day survey, Cory Heikel, senior system engineer at Penn State Health, commented about Commvault’s value proposition and complete software portfolio. 

“The nice thing about Commvault is that its scope is so much more than backups,” said Heikel.

In EMEA, the Agency for Civil Protection in South Tyrol, Italy, has implemented Commvault HyperScale and Commvault Complete Backup and Recovery to maximize the availability of data needed to support successful rescue missions. Administered by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano, the Agency for Civil Protection responds to thousands of requests for assistance every year – from fires and avalanches to road accidents and earthquakes.

“We need to have a record of the actions taken during a disaster relief situation. With the Remote Office Appliance, we can safeguard against data loss with automated and centralized backups,” said Stefan Hellweger, Head of IT for the agency for Civil Protection.

As we approach the one-year anniversary of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the agency for Civil Protection in South Tyrol is also leveraging analytics with Commvault Activate™ and Commvault Orchestrate to increase resource efficiencies and simplify compliance.

“With Commvault, we can quickly and easily search for personal data stored on physical and virtual servers as well as backup files,” said Hellweger. “It has accelerated our response to GDPR requests and improved governance and transparency.” 

Not to be outdone by our customers in the U.S., EMEA and UAE, many of our APAC customers are also thriving.

For example, Sony Network Communications – a Japanese Internet service provider operated by Sony Network Communications Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony – selected Commvault Complete Backup & Recovery due to its ease of use, rapid restore times, cost-effective licensing and automation features. To ensure stable and resilient services, the company is using Commvault to simplify and strengthen data protection across 2,000 virtual machines.

“By blending incremental and full backups with Commvault, we achieved a deduplication rate of 86 percent and reduced the volume of backup data by 80 percent,” said Ryohei Kiyoyama, Infrastructure Operation Section, IT Platform Department, System Engineering, Sony Network Communications Inc. “Such improvement allows us to store 400TB of target virtual machine data as just 80TB of backup data.”

With all these stories (there’s plenty of them) I’d be remiss not to mention the role our partners have in our customers’ success. As a partner-centric organization, our channel strategy, go-to-market initiatives and alliance partnerships enable us to design, integrate and deliver innovative solutions to customers that solve the hardest and most complex data challenges. Take a look at other resources below to get more information on some of our customers who are doing cool things with Commvault:

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