Optimize VM Backup and Recovery (DE)

Simpana® for VM Backup, Recovery & Cloud Management, a component of the Commvault Simpana software single platform for Modern Data Management, is designed to help you deliver a complete and holistic set of backup, data protection and recovery capabilities for your burgeoning virtual server deployment. FAST TO INSTALL AND EASY TO MANAGE • Protect hundreds of VMs in minutes and scale to thousands seamlessly • Agentless backups for VMware and MS Hyper-V platforms • Automatic policy based VM discovery and protection STREAMLINE AND OPTIMIZE BACKUPS FOR YOUR VMS • Deep application awareness and consistency across a wide range of virtualization applications • Efficient, scalable, global deduplication with no built-in hardware requirements • Send VM backups to any disk, tape or cloud tier for maximum flexibility and cost savings • Leverage IntelliSnap® array-based snapshot functionality for rapid recovery times and granular recovery points for the most demanding transactional and Tier 1 applications DELIVER INSTANT VM RECOVERY • “Live Recovery” options simplify and accelerate recovery of VMs, including Live File Restore, Live Mount, and Live VM Restore (VMware only) • Flexible recovery options let you recover VM data, when, where and how you need it; including: in-place, out-of place, CBT enabled, single step recovery for VMware vCloud, and more • Cross-hypervisor migration/recovery AUTOMATED VM ARCHIVING LETS YOU MAXIMIZE YOUR INVESTMENT IN VIRTUAL INFRASTRUCTURE • Automatic policy based VM shutdown • Automatic policy based VM Relocation to secondary storage • Automatic policy based archive to long term storage • User-friendly self-service VM Recovery SIMPLIFY YOUR DISASTER RECOVERY PROCESSES • Bring DR to workloads that have never had it before by eliminating the need for identical hardware • Reduce the complexity of extending workloads to cloud infrastructure using DASH Copy, Virtualize Me, and Workflow Automation • Accelerate DR and DR testing with automated, replicated VM backups to cloud • Implement an SLA-focused DR strategy