Deepfakes – Protecting Your Information And The Truth

By Lance Shaw

Recent advancements in video technology have made it possible, and surprisingly easy, to create clips that are false but extremely convincing. For now, these video or audio clips are being doctored to either showcase the technology itself or make political figures appear to say or do things that they did not.

Recently, a deepfake video of Mark Zuckerberg was uploaded to Instagram, and in it he realistically appears to say that he owes all his control over Facebook data to Spectre, the fictional organization of evil made famous in James Bond movies.

What does all this have to do with protecting your information? If history is any teacher, this technology will continue to improve and its use will expand. Today, politicians and famous tech industry leaders have been targeted. Tomorrow, it will be your competitors who create videos that spread false information about your products or lies about your senior leadership.

And it all can appear to be said by your CEO in a video clip. You can publicly claim it’s fake, but it will spread regardless.

Data protection – critical for crisis management

While this all sounds rather dystopian, the best way to fight false information is to nimbly showcase or restore the truth so that the false information is clearly identified. Protecting your data, including valuable assets like video clips, and being able to restore or locate them quickly can help alleviate customer and shareholder concern. Failure to be able to do so could result in significant damage – to the company and to personal careers.

Or, to put it another way, instead of a deepfake video of U.S. Senator Nancy Pelosi appearing to be inebriated, what if it was your CEO? What if it was you? How quickly would you want to respond?

Control and flexibility: Commvault data protection

Bringing control to an organization’s data is what Commvault does. 

Your documents, your application data and your company videos all need to be protected and available at a moment’s notice, whatever the reason. With a self-service search across all of your data, on-premises and in the cloud, Commvault allows your company officials to quickly respond with the truth so that you can swiftly show the discrepancies and promptly dispel the lies. 

If you’re not managing your data today, you may be putting your company in peril. Can your company executives quickly find data – in a usable format – to combat your next public relations crisis? If there’s legal action, are you prepared to recall information from all of your backups – including those from seldom used legacy backup products?

If you have not explored the latest innovations and software from Commvault, it’s worth a look. Thank you for taking the time to visit today and read this blog.

P.S. By the way, I could have made Zuckerberg say “Commvault” instead of “Spectre,” but it’s not what we do. 😊