Delivering World-Class Infrastructure With Commvault And The Azure Marketplace

By Randy DeMeno

A customer’s journey to the cloud and Azure can be a curious one for those starting out. Using Azure as a storage tier is a simple endeavor, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg as it pertains to leveraging Commvault with Azure.

As the first Windows ISV to be Azure Certified, we are proud to add to our long history of supporting Microsoft technologies. Our certification with Azure means the ENTIRE Commvault Data Platform can run in Azure Compute, managing data created in Azure, O365, on-premises, as well as for those with a multi-cloud environment.

Commvault has now made it even easier for those wishing to try Commvault running in Azure, as we’ve made a 60-day copy of the Commvault Data Platform running in the Azure Marketplace available. This V11 version of Commvault Software contains our backup and archive capabilities, including all those way-cool features for Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, AD and Office 365.

If you try it and decide to continue beyond the 60-day period, simply call us at 1-877-780-3077 or send an Email to and we’ll be happy to discuss how easy it is to make that same copy of Commvault V11 Software permanent.

Getting started with Commvault is easy. Simply go to the Azure Marketplace and search for ‘Commvault.’ Use your Azure credentials, create a VM, and within minutes you’ll be using Commvault running in Azure to enhance your data management capabilities.