Dogmund Freud: The Data Doctor Is In

By Chris Powell

Data is hard. We get it. It keeps you up at night. It consumes your waking thoughts. At its worst, it can drive you to the nearest therapist’s couch.

But before you seek data analysis (get it?), let Commvault’s very own Dogmund Freud give you some space on his couch so you can decompress and let the waves of canine cuteness wash over you.

You see, it’s hard to be stressed when you’re snuggling with a puppy.  We found that out with our Data Dog Therapy Parks at VMWorld and Commvault GO 2019. There’s just no way to be stressed about managing your data when you’re playing with a puppy (or two).

Handling your data shouldn’t be stressful, and Commvault is here to take care of your business and deliver peace of mind to your overworked IT staff.

Sigmund Freud once famously said, “Sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar.” We prefer to follow Dogmund’s mantra: “Sometimes, a puppy cuddle is just a puppy cuddle.”

I can hear the sighs of relief already. Find out how to get peace of mind and switch to Commvault today.