Doing Business With Commvault Has Never Been Simpler

Doing Business With Commvault Has Never Been Simpler

By Carmen Sorice III
Commvault’s partners spoke. We listened. Over the last year, we did a whole lot of listening. You told us how your business model needs to transform – it’s far less transactional, more consultative – and how your customers are driving demand for more customized, value-add services. You told us how you need a strategic software vendor who will evolve with you. A joint partner who brings lifetime value to your customers, and a joint partner that does not stand still. And you told us doing business with us needs to be simpler and more rewarding.

We listened and we’ve acted directly on your feedback. Commvault announced the most competitive, partner-friendly program in our company’s history on Sunday. Our Partner Advantage Program now has new incentives, rebates, bonuses and program benefits that make it easier and more lucrative to partner with us than ever before. The newly enhanced program elements arm our global partner ecosystem with the tools, knowledge and financial incentives to help our partners drive new business opportunities, achieve higher margins and grow together with Commvault more profitably.

The financial incentives for partnering with Commvault have never been better, more focused and simpler to achieve. Here’s a deeper dive into the details of how we’ve created a better all-around experience for our partners:

Partners now have access to more rebates at higher percentages, a more lucrative and flexible year-end bonus program, additional business development fund investments and improved deal registration benefits.

We’ve improved our deal registration and deal support for maximum impact and protection throughout the selling cycle. As our ecosystem expands to support our partners’ and our mutual customers’ choice of consumption and purchasing route, we have responded with enhanced deal registration benefits that include our Global Alliance Resellers and our GSI partners.

We’ve modernized and improved our Partner Portal to provide real-time support from Commvault Partner Success Professionals, easier access to the latest Commvault news, technical training and sales enablement, complete deal registration information and customer quotes, along with self-service access to digital marketing campaigns.

We have built a series of “sales plays” to help partners have more relevant, strategic conversations with customers, simplified the quoting process, improved the system integration of our “BDF Wallet,” and addressed our discounting structure.
That’s a lot to take in. What does it all mean? It’s about winning, winning again and winning some more. By taking advantage of all of these benefits, partners can drive new deals and close deals faster and enjoy a more profitable, long-term partnership with Commvault.