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September 2021 Edition

Get to know: Mark Schmidt

Mark is passionate about great customer service, and great customer service teams. He has 20+ years of experience in the technology industry, having worked with Compaq, HP and now at Commvault.  During this time, he has gained experience across numerous areas, including customer service, professional services, & enablement. He has a keen interest in cultural differences and dimensions, and has extensive experience leading large teams across multiple geographies, delivering support services to a global customer base.

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Tech Talk: The Commvault Support Perspective on Ransomware Protection

We all hear the news – ransomware attacks are a common and unfortunate part of cyber life. To make matters much worse, these criminals and bad actors are developing more sophisticated threats, resulting in organisations losing access to their critical data and compromising their ability to ensure business continuity. Eugene Trautwein, Vice President of Customer Support, shares his perspective on ransomware protection and prevention.

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August 2021 Edition

Get to know: Craig Bastow

Craig has been in the technology industry for 32 years. He is now into his 8th year at Commvault, having run his own business for 11 years and spent 13 years at EMC previously. In his time, he has built and run sales businesses across the Asia Pacific region whilst learning about each market and their culture from his team. Craig is a strong advocate and evangelist of technology and the transformative role it plays within any business.

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Tech Talk: Commvault’s latest enhancements

After 10 consecutive years of recognition by Gartner for our leadership, we are not standing still. Commvault continues to innovate and provide enhancements that simplify your data management and further protect you in the event of a disaster or ransomware attack.

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