Five Practical Insights From Customers On Data Privacy Day

By Chris Powell

It’s Data Privacy Day. The theme of today is “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data and Enabling Trust.” Why is this important? Think about it. We live in a time where people have to worry about Alexa recording your conversations or your toaster spying on you. Worrying about issues of privacy and trust is our reality – and for people in the data business, it’s our responsibility. Industry initiatives like Data Privacy Day focus on these issues and encourage companies, schools and individuals to look for ways to keep data safe.

Last week, I told you Commvault became a Data Privacy Champion in support of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA). Data Privacy Day is an international effort to empower individuals and business to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust.

In preparation for today, we reached out to customers to get insight about lessons learned when grappling with privacy and compliance issues – and the input is pretty fascinating. Here are several statements we received:

Check for data integrity:“Check the data integrity and malicious activity in your environment by deploying various checkpoint devices.”

Beware of compromise:“Know your true scope of requirements and curveball problems that would force you to consider compromising your solution or process – versus the needs of the business or regulation requirements.” 
– Cook

Experience matters:“Get specialist legal advice, have it clearly communicated at the board level, and drive it from there.” 
– Silver Fern Farms

Be a data policy wonk:“Having a good understanding of the new policies is important. It allows us to make and implement proper plans of action.”
– University of Minnesota

Securely use your data:“Get Commvault Activate.”
– FitchGroup (Self-serving perhaps, but this is an actual customer quote.)

The issue of data privacy will never go away.  However, by knowing your data – and where it is and applying appropriate security protocols – you will have a solid foundation for data privacy. Take some time today to read your social media threads and see how others are staying #PrivacyAware