Freedom of Choice for Data Protection with Commvault HyperScale Technology

By Phil Wandrei

What do you do when you want to move all of your applications to the cloud but not all of them can be migrated? Maybe you have a few older or in-house developed applications that were never designed for the cloud. Or due to regulatory or compliance reasons the application and data must reside on-premises. How do you gain the predictable economics and performance with seamless scalability of the cloud if the application is on-premises? 

Today, Commvault announced Commvault HyperScaleTM Technology to address these challenges.   

Commvault is enhancing its platform with Commvault HyperScale Technology, giving customers a level of performance and scale for backup, recovery and archive that parallels the performance and scale found in many cloud environments. By delivering this on a scale-out infrastructure, Commvault enables customers to leverage new solutions specifically tailored for data management and protection, as well as secondary storage. Through the Commvault® Data Platform and Commvault HyperScale™ Technology, we are helping free organizations from vendor lock-in, drive lower cost than legacy approaches, provide greater agility and flexibility, and enable IT to become scalable and better performing.

By building these services on a scale-out infrastructure and leveraging Commvault capabilities, organizations gain:

  • Agility, resiliency and availability to on-premises data and applications
  • Greater end-user efficiency with automation and self-service capabilities
  • Improved hardware utilization and optimized costs from general-purpose hardware
  • Seamless storage scalability with predictable performance without requiring forklift upgrades
  • Better, more secure data management, utilization and movement by eliminating point product and data silos

Commvault is providing customers a choice on how to implement Commvault HyperScale Technology as it is available in two different form-factors:

  •         Commvault HyperScale™ Appliance is an all-in-one data management solution that tightly integrates compute, storage and full lifecycle data management into a single platform across the data center and the cloud. Built on Commvault’s industry-leading technology and a scale-out infrastructure, it allows customers to significantly decrease complexity and cost while increasing both scalability and IT agility.
  •         Commvault HyperScale™ Software  on a scale-out infrastructure can be implemented on a reference architecture based on your hardware preferences. You have a choice of hardware configuration sizes and models from leading technology companies as part of Commvault’s Reference Design Program. Commvault has reference designs with seven (7) companies covering multiple hardware platforms. The supported reference designs will continue to be expanded based on customer input and market trends.   

With Commvault HyperScale™  Software, Commvault is enabling customer’s greater choice. The freedom to choose a scale-out infrastructure and the means to implement it, either as a software-based solution with choice of hardware platforms from leading-technology companies or as an integrated data protection appliance  In either case, you can realize the benefits of providing greater reliability, availability and scalability with predictable economics and performance for your on-premises applications and data.