Higher Ed Institution Refreshes Its Data Management Course With Commvault’s Help

GO Customer Feature: Denison University

By Bill Byron Concevitch

With a beautiful campus in Ohio and some well-known graduates (Disney icon Michael Eisner, actor Steve Carell and actress Jennifer Garner, to name a few) to its credit, Denison University is looking to take its data readiness to the next grade level.  The challenge of diverse data sets and a lean IT staff compelled Denison to examine alternatives that will pass the test and meet its needs.

Diverse data sets create need for comprehensive solution

The university setting brings diverse data sets that need comprehensive and cohesive data management. There is student data and historical data – along with all of the normal data you would expect in any business operation. Some of these data sets bring along older applications well suited for higher ed, but not, however, necessarily covered by some data protection solutions.

Backward compatibility keeps Denison moving forward

To simplify and streamline, Denison needed to remove multiple point solutions – and avoid them in the future. Backward compatibility, along with future compatibility, were the Nos. 1 and 2 criteria. The data management and protection solution that would earn the top grade in a comprehensive 11 vendor examination would have to cover all existing data and applications as well as prepare Denison for multi cloud and new data sets in the future.

Architecting its future data management – now

Commvault passed the test with high grades; dare we say at the head of the class? The 11 vendor examination led Denison to Commvault as the clear choice to solve not only its current data management and protection challenges but also to design its future data management. 

Similar to checking off all the boxes of what is needed to design a new course curriculum, Denison covered all of its existing applications and data sets, while also ensuring that all future cloud initiatives are well managed and protected with Commvault.

No more worries about potential failing grades in the IT area. The IT team is ready to pass with high marks from all areas of the university, including its No. 1 priority, the students.

The future belongs to Denison University – the future belongs to the data ready.