How To Accelerate Your Digital Transformation With Commvault And Cisco

By Wenceslao Lada

Amplify the power of Cisco HyperFlex with the added confidence of Commvault

There’s no doubt that hyperconverged technologies hold great promise for achieving true digital transformation and innovation – transformation that delivers on the demands of today’s lightning speed pace. But how do you truly harness hyperconverged with the confidence that all your business objectives will be met, especially when it comes to your most critical business applications and data? 

Commvault’s enhanced integration with Cisco HyperFlex™ provides three layers of confidence, extending the HyperFlex promise of “Any App – Any Cloud – Any Scale” by ensuring you can migrate efficiently while protecting your mission critical applications – and all your data – within HyperFlex.  This protection for HyperFlex is available as ScaleProtect™ with Cisco UCS®, which combines Commvault Complete™ Backup & Recovery and Commvault HyperScale™ software integrated with Cisco UCS (Unified Compute System).

ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS provides confidence in three key areas, making sure your data within Cisco HyperFlex is protected and recoverable:

  • Coverage: From basic needs for backup and recovery of production or archived data to migrating your mission critical applications and associated data to HyperFlex, Commvault has you covered with one product – no need for multiple point solutions. Commvault is optimized for the demands of Cisco HyperFlex. Full support for all file systems, applications and virtual platforms with policy-based data protection – now with snap-assisted and AI-optimized backups.
  • Flexibility: Whether it’s complete integration with 40-plus cloud providers that matters most to you or the ability to achieve cloud-like flexibility and economics with your on-premises data, or both, no one covers it all with one product like Commvault does, providing the control to migrate your data to where you need it, when you need it. You avoid cloud lock-in and gain maximum visibility into your data, along with complete workload portability (often avoiding hefty cloud provider egress charges).
  • Agility: Whether you decide on rapid “all out” quick transformation to hyperconverged or a more methodical “paced” timetable, Commvault provides the agility needed to attain your business goals. With scale out and scale up options, along with the ability to combine multiple approaches, you’ll always have the agility the business demands when you leverage the power of the combined Cisco HyperFlex with ScaleProtect with Cisco UCS. Need to turn on a dime based on changes within the business? Commvault gives you the power to respond. When other data protection solutions fail to scale, Commvault delivers.

If you’re looking to make sure your move to hyperconverged creates real and lasting transformation versus a “band-aid” approach, while also removing complexity from your overall infrastructure, then be sure to evaluate Cisco HyperFlex with Commvault data protection and data management.  You won’t be disappointed.

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